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    The Secret of Successful 57 Coolest Car Gadgets Reviews

    The Coolest Car Gadgets are the integral parts of the car. We all want to have a fancy car and taking care of the technical part is not all it takes. The gadgets you add to your car are the core of its personality. It gives your vehicle personality and style. And your time spent driving becomes so much better as well when you have the right gadgets. But the market offers so many that you might find it hard to choose. So, let’s see a wide range of gadgets that will change your car’s look for the best! Short Reviews on the Best Coolest Car Gadgets: 1. Project the…

  • Play Music from Phone to Car with a USB Device
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    How to Play Music from Phone to Car without Aux

    A lot of modern cars have an auxiliary jack. If you want to play music in your car from your phone you can simply connect your phone to the car’s auxiliary jack with a 3.5mm cable. You can then play music from your phone to your car stereo. But what happens if, just like mine, your car does not have an aux? I have discovered how to play music from phone to car without aux. If your car had an Auxiliary Jack, this is how it would work to play music from your phone to your car. The auxiliary connection is the method most users are familiar with . You…

  • How to Fix a Dead Car Battery without Jumper Cables
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    How to Fix a Dead Car Battery without Jumper Cables

    In due time your car batteries will run dead. Good thing mine run dead in an open parking lot and in broad daylight. There were many vehicles in the area and finding help to jumpstart my car was not going to be a problem until I realized I did not have jumper cables. Allow me to share what we did on how to fix a dead car battery without jumper cables. Batteries run dead for a lot of reasons: You may have forgotten to turn off your headlights, flashers, interior lights or the radio for the night depleting the charge of your battery. Running the air conditioner when the car…

  • Become a Better Driver By Learning Tips for New Drivers
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    How to Improve Your Driving: Top Tips for New Drivers

    Driving can be a nerve-wracking for novice drivers. But by understanding the top tips for new drivers, you can improve your driving and become more at ease behind the wheel. Many experienced drivers will tell you that they’ve all been in your spot before. They were also once scared of driving in busy streets. Some have also experienced stalling and causing a long line of traffic because they could not get their vehicles re-started. But eventually, they were able to become better at driving. How can you be like them? Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to becoming a better driver: 1. Improve your self confidence Improve…

  • How to Make Your Car Faster
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    How to Make Your Car Faster: 21 Guaranteed Tips to Make Your Car Go Faster

    Who does not want to have a fast car? Of course almost everyone does! For some it has even become an obsession and a passion. The question we have all been asking is how to make your car faster? The speed of car is dictated by the performance and efficiency of the engine. Weight and electrical parts programming also play huge roles. The two most major things a car needs though for speed is fuel and air. Fuel and air are important in propelling a car to move forward.  The more fuel and air your engine gets the more power it will have. This is exactly why most car upgrades…

  • 00 The Ultimate Guide To 19 DIY Car Maintenance Tips
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    The Ultimate Guide To 19 DIY Car Maintenance Tips

    Your car can be your best friend, especially if you take care of it constantly. And the good part is that you don’t need to go to a service to do that. You can provide the right maintenance for your car by applying these simple 19 DIY tips at home. Everything from replacing the air filter, wiper blades or spark plugs to change a car fuse can be done in your garage or parking lot. All you need is a little information and the desire to do it. So, let’s see the best DIY tips that will help you maintain your car like new for a longer time! 1. Replacing…

  • How to Play Music through Bluetooth in Car
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    Pairing Made Simple: How to Play Music through Bluetooth in Car

    Do you enjoy listening to music while driving but the radio does not play the kind of music you like? You’d much rather listen to the playlist on your iOS or Android device. But, how to play music through bluetooth in car? I used to ask the same question. Now I have the answers and the Bluetooth technology has made driving even through the worst of traffic tolerable. Bluetooth technology has since done more than just providing an option for the hands-free use of your smartphone. Most modern cars have audio systems that support the Bluetooth technology so you can listen to your favorite music through a wireless network. If…

  • Safe Driving Tips that Could Save Your Life
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    21 Safe Driving Tips that Could Save Your Life

    Safe driving is not only important for you but also for other drivers you meet on the road. Driving safely should be the top concern of every driver. This article will outline 21 Safe Driving Tips every driver should follow to ensure safety on the road with the ultimate objective of saving lives. Estimates from the National Safety Council of the United States place at about 40,000 the number of motor vehicle crash related deaths for 2016, a 6% increase from 2015 and the highest since 2007. Advancements in technology have produced safer cars and equally safer roads. Fact remains though that human error is the cause of most car…

  • 11 Tips for Long Drives Strategies for Beginners
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    11 Tips for Long Drives Strategies for Beginners

    When you are planning a long day or night of driving ahead of you, you need more than just gas. You need to be safe and in perfect focus for the entire time. One mistake is all it takes to put your life in danger. So, for the sake of your safety and the safety of the other passengers, is important to prepare accordingly. Don’t simply count on the fact that you are a good and experienced driver. Here are some tips for long drives that will help you stay safe and secure during your road trip. Crucial Tips for Long Drives 1. Make sure to check your car before…

  • 3 Easy Ways on How to Remove Water Spots from Car new
    Auto Detailing

    3 Easy Ways on How to Remove Water Spots from Car

    Water spots in a clean car are as frustrating as a dirty car. The first time I saw water spots in my car I had to spend a few dollars in the auto detailing shop. I could not do that all I time. I did a little research and discovered a few ways how to remove water spots from cars. Water spots in your car’s glass or paint finish are easy to spot. When allowed to dry, it can be difficult to remove and will be an ugly sight. Getting rid of the water spots immediately is going to be extremely easier. If the water spot has been exposed to…

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    Quick Answer: Do leveling kits hurt your truck?

    A leveling kit alone will not affect the towing capacity of your vehicle. One of the disadvantages that many truck owners face when installing a leveling kit is a change in the aerodynamic profile of the. If this is the case, you may want to consider a full lift system. How much will a 2 inch leveling kit raise my truck? Leveling kits work by raising the front part of a truck so that its height matches the stock height at the back, which translates to more ground clearance. These important kits provide a lift of approximately two inches, thus removing the raked stance that most completely stock trucks have.…

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    Quick Answer: Are 17 inch wheels good?

    Subjectively, both the 17-inch and 18-inch wheels and tires were in the sweet spot of grip, braking performance, ride comfort, and steering feel. Moving from 17-inchers to 18s barely degrades ride quality, and the additional grip is welcome. Do they make 17 inch rims? 17 Inch Rims &amp Wheels. FT01 Ore Wheels by HRE FlowForm®. HRE’s FlowForm line of wheels features iconic styling and a level of quality embodied by the HRE brand, all at an accessible price point. These cast flow-formed wheels are designed and engineered to… What does 17 rims mean? For example, 17 x 8.5 x +35 designates a diameter of 17 inches, width of 8.5 inches,…

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    Question What size tires can I put on my 2017 Ram 1500?

    What size tires can I put on my 2017 Ram 1500? 2017 RAM 1500 Rim Size Tire Sizes RAM 1500 Options 17-Inch 265-70-17 285-70-17 ExpressLaramieLone StarRebelSLTSLT FleetTradesman 20-Inch 275-60-20 Big HornExpressHFE (Diesel)LaramieLaramie LonghornLimitedLone StarSport 22-Inch 285-45-22 Sport Reg. Cab What size wheels can I put on a Ram 1500? Max tire sizes are: 17″ rims: 275/65 R17. 20: rims: 285/55 R20. What lug pattern is a 2017 Ram 1500? The bolt pattern for the 2017 Dodge Ram 1500 iS5 X139. 7 mm. What size tires can you fit on a stock Ram 1500? The biggest tire you can fit without any additional modification is a 35”. If you are prepared…

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    Quick Answer How many inches should I lift my RAM 1500?

    For maximum tire clearance needed for the craziest off-road situations, a 5 to 7-inch lift kit is recommended. These kits give enough room for you to fit a 37-inch tall tire on your Ram, and provide a ridiculous amount of ground clearance. How much does it cost to lift a 2017 RAM 1500? J.D. Power estimates the cost of the kits to be between $400 and $12,000. Higher scale category truck lifts can raise the vehicle at least six inches. Can you fit 35s on a 3 inch lift RAM 1500? Will 35-inch tires fit the Dodge Ram 1500? Not really. At stock height, only 33-inch rims will fit on…

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    How much does a 17 aluminum canoe weigh?

    The canoe has stretch formed sponsons on the sides above the water line. These “safety foils” effectively give the canoe a wider profile for extra stability while keeping the streamlined profile during normal paddling. Weight: 84 lbs. How much does a 17 Alumacraft canoe weigh? The Voyageur 17′ Ultralight by Alumacraft is just 56 pounds. This canoe is the best compromise, it has great balance and very lightweight. The yoke is positioned in the middle of the canoe’s weight so perfectly that it portages as well as most Kevlar canoes. Where are Osagian canoes made? Osagian Canoes has been manufactured in Missouri and available on the North American market for…