Top 5 Best Emergency Car Kits Reviews
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Top 5 Best Emergency Car Kits Reviews & Buying Guide

Roadside emergencies are always something that is unexpected – when it does, are you prepared for it? One way to come prepared for emergency situations on the road is by having the best emergency car kits along in your car all the time. Not only can this help solve car troubles but can also help save lives.

For those who are buying emergency car kits for the first time, it can be quite difficult seeing that they’re not sure what tools the kit should come with. Whether you’re buying emergency car kits for the first time are just looking for the best options in the market today, we will help you find your ideal emergency car kit.

Short Reviews on the Best Emergency Car Kits

1. AAA (4388AAA) 76-Piece Excursion Road Kit

The first emergency car kit that is worth adding to our top list is the AAA (4388AAA) 76-Piece Excursion Road Kit. It is featured both as a first aid kit and car emergency kit. Not only does this help you do more with your emergency kit but also lets you spend less.

This car kit comes with a range of tools and accessories that would help you deal with any unforeseen emergency when driving. It comes with carefully chosen tools that are useful in emergency situations. Among the tools and accessories in the package include booster cables, flashlight, air compressor, an emergency whistle, medical supplies and many others.

The best thing about this car emergency kit is that it is compact and is easy to store in the trunk or anywhere in the car.


  • Compact and easy to store anywhere in the car or trunk
  • Comes with a heavy duty booster cable
  • 2-in-1 car emergency kit with first aid kit
  • Durable aluminum flashlight included
  • Comes with a range of medical supplies



  • Compressor may not be very durable
  • Thin wires used in jumper cables

2. First Secure 90-Piece Roadside Car Emergency Kit

You can also travel with peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable emergency car kit like the First Secure 90-Piece Roadside Car Emergency Kit. This kit is a common favorite among car owners because it comes with an assortment of high-quality tools and equipment. Among the tools found in its package include 10 ft jumper cables along with a portable air compressor, a tow rope, and a 7-piece tire repair kit.

Furthermore, it includes a reflective triangle, bungee cords, knife as well as screwdrivers, medical supplies, and many others. The best part about this product is that it is much affordable compared to other options and is easy to find in the market.


  • Heavy-duty equipment and designed for use even in extreme weather conditions
  • Long 10 feet jumper cables
  • Powerful flashlight headlamp
  • With a 250 psi air compressor
  • Tow strap can pull 10,000 lbs



  • Medical bandages are limited
  • Air compressor may not be very durable

3. Victor (22-5-65103-8) 104-Piece Covered Emergency Road Kit

Another option for the best emergency car kits is the Victor (22-5-65103-8) 104-Piece Covered Emergency Road Kit. This kit is also worth investing in if you want an option that lasts for a long time and can be used for other purposes such as home repairs and others.

This particular kit is designed to be compact which allows it to be carried easily and stored wherever and whenever.

It features a durable carry bag that is both puncture and scratch resistant. Among the tools and accessories that are included in the package are the booster cables, tire sealant, warning triangle, work gloves, flashlight, and tie down, blanket, medical supplies, and many others. All of which are proven to stand the test of time and also wear and tear.


  • With durable carry bag
  • Comes with a total of 104 tools and accessories in the package
  • With non-slip fasteners for easy and secure storage in the trunk
  • Medical kit included
  • Tested and proven to last longer than other emergency kits



  • Jumper kit may not be very durable
  • Limited power out of the tire inflator

4. AutoClubHero Car Emergency Kit

Another choice of emergency car kit that you can opt for is the AutoClubHero Car, Emergency Kit. Unlike the other choices, this kit is not merely the ordinary car kit because it comes with the most effective tools to have during car breakdowns, disasters as well as during survival situations.

It includes tools and equipment that are usually forgotten in most emergency kits. Among the inclusions are water, food, waterproof blanket, whistle, a survival guide, fire starter, jumper cables, zip ties, batteries, reflector triangles, medical supplies and many others.

While there are simply a lot of tools included in this package, the manufacturers made sure that each tool is long lasting and is reliable during times of emergencies.


  • Kit comes with 185 tools and accessories
  • Comes with a line of important and reliable tools for emergencies
  • With a first aid included
  • Compact and portable
  • Proven and tested survival kit



  • Fire extinguisher too small
  • Flimsy plastic triangle

5. Always Prepared 125-Piece Roadside Assistance Auto Emergency Kit

Lastly, the Always Prepared 125-Piece Roadside Assistance Auto Emergency Kit is another great choice when you want peace of mine whenever you’re on the road. This best emergency car kit is likewise a crowd-favorite because it simply brings an added level of safety whenever traveling or driving. This kit is simply well-packaged as well as carefully chosen with the right and most useful tools during cases of emergencies and survival situations.

It is more like an all-in-one type of kit which comes with first aid kit and car assistance equipment and items which include booster cables, screwdrivers, warning triangle, flashlights, bungee cords, knife, saw blade, and many others. The best thing about the choice of items is that they are the most used and most important tools and items to have in an emergency as well as survival situations.


  • Comes with 125 pieces of tools and items in the package
  • Each item is highly durable and made of high-quality materials
  • Comes with product warranty
  • Items designed for survival and emergency situations
  • Affordable



  • Screwdrivers are too small
  • Low-quality jumper cables

What to Look for in the Best Emergency Car Kits

Despite having an idea of which model of emergency car kit to buy, it is inevitable to have still a few doubts about the product you’ve chosen. To help you make a better decision, here are a few important things that you should consider out of your kit.

Jumper cables

Among the most common problem that each car owner faces are a battery that doesn’t start. For this, you will always need jumper cables. And when you do, you need to make sure they are reliable and working. Choose a jumper cable that is made from thick wiring and cable and have enough length to reach from one car to the other.

First aid kit

A medical kit or first aid kit is likewise something that you should always consider out of your emergency car kit. In emergencies, you may incur accidents which require immediate attention. Having the right medical tools will help you secure safety and even life.

Emergency blanket

One thing that most emergency car kits don’t have is an emergency blanket. Emergency blankets can serve to keep you warm in the night and can also serve other purposes such as roofing, covering for the car or anything else and can even be used as a bag.

Toolkit quality

While the tools are always present in an emergency car kit, you need to make sure that they are made of high-quality materials. To make sure they are built to last and are durable, look up their materials and if possible reviews from previous customers. If you’re buying the product at a hardware store, it may be a great idea to test them out before purchasing.


The last thing you’d want out of your emergency car kit is that it is simply too big and that it is too heavy to carry. Make sure that your emergency car kit comes with a carry case or bag and that it is light enough as well as small enough to fit in your trunk or any part of your car.

Benefits of an Emergency Car Kits

There are many obvious benefits to owning the best emergency car kits in your car.

  • 1With an emergency car kit, you will be able to treat wounds or injuries right away in case of accidents down the road. It is also used to save lives.
  • 2Car kits come with first aid tools and medical supplies that can provide immediate assistance to any unforeseen emergency.
  • 3Another benefit is that it helps you fix your car right away as you travel. With the right collection of tools and items, you’ll be able to have a quick fix for your car without having to call the auto repairman. It will also refrain you from asking help from passersby.

Final Thought

As a recommendation from the choices mentioned above, we would go with the AutoClubHero Car Emergency Kit for you. The reason that each item and tool included in the package is carefully handpicked to provide usefulness in times of emergencies. Also, these best emergency car kits are useful and durable that is guaranteed to last long. Not only does it provides you peace of mind whenever traveling by your car but also help you save money since it is much affordable than other choices.