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Best Fuel Injector Cleaner Diesel Engines

Modern diesel engines are known to be high-powered, low in operation costs and efficient. This makes vehicles powered by diesel engines such a big hit. Diesel engines just like all engines also go through the usual wear and tear process. The best fuel injector cleaner diesel engines helps keep your diesel engine working at top level efficiency for long years.

It is common knowledge that there is no such thing as pure fuel. Even the best quality fuels contain additives. When fuel goes through the combustion process, it will never burn 100%. Most of the leftovers are safely ejected through the exhaust system.  Small mineral deposits or sediments however remain in the engine’s fuel injector system.

Fuel that is not burned goes to the tips of the fuel injector. When the engine shuts down these fuel remain on the tips of the fuel injection. Over time these fuel transform into deposits that block the clean and smooth flow of the injector.

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These obstructions in the injector system impair the combustion process resulting in more incomplete burnings that decreases engine performance and fuel mileage as well as increasing the amount of left-overs.

To prevent or at least minimize the build-up of deposits in the injection system, the system should be cleaned by the best fuel injector cleaner diesel engines. Fuel injector cleaners ensure the smooth operation and longer lifespan of diesel engines.

Diesel Injector Cleaners

Diesel injector cleanersare additives or detergent solutions that work to enhance the efficiency of the combustion chamber as well as fuel quality. These are achieved by applying the diesel injector cleaner to the injectors, intake valves, carps and pistons.

Clean and well-functioning fuel injectors allow diesel engines to achieve optimum engine performance and high fuel mileage. Fuel injectors that function properly allow the 100% burning of clean mist to maximize fuel. Clean fuel injectors are achieved with the application of fuel injector cleaners.

A dirty diesel engine emits black exhaust smoke, is high in fuel consumption and experiences hard starts especially in cold environments. The good fuel injector cleaner diesel engines works to correct all these issues.

Fuel injector cleanersfor diesel enginesare available in a variety of brands and models. Here are five of the best.

The best fuel injector cleaner diesel engines reviews

1. Power Service Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive

The Power Service Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive is a full injector cleaner, lubricates components of the fuel injection system, enhances cetaneand of course cleans diesel fuel injectorsas well as fuel pumps. This cleaner gets rid of deposits inside and outside of the fuel injectors.

This all-season fuel additive can increase the centane number of fuel by six. It is also able to effectively clean fuel injection systems and allows your vehicle to have an 8% increase in mileage. It includes the Slickdiesel Lubricator for the protection of injectors and fuel pumps against increased wear brought about by Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel

A user says he has been using the Diesel Kleen Fuel Additive for 4 years without any issues. He also says that this product gives his diesel vehicle more power and a quiet operation.

This injector cleaner can be safely used with all diesel engines. Using this product will also not void your engine’s manufacturer’s warranty as long as it is used as directed.

2.  Stanadyne Diesel Performance Formula

The Stanadyne Diesel Performance Formula is one of the most extensively made diesel fuel additives because it is also made by a manufacturer of fuel injections. This diesel additive works as ademulsifierand provides protection against the build-up of sulfur thus it can continuously clean injector systems while the vehicle is running.

This fuel injector cleaner protects and restores performance of the engine. The cetane improver and detergency of this injector cleaner brings back fuel economy as well as increases the engine’s torque and horsepower. It also enhances combustion for smooth running, faster engine starting and brings about a quieter engine.

A user says he findas this a miracle product because this fuel injector cleaner allows his truck to start up amidst the 20’s temperature without the need to plug it in. It also gave his truck more power.

The Stanadyne Diesel Performance Formula is an all-purpose and all-season diesel fuel cleaner made specifically to deal with any fuel related issued of diesel engines.  This product has been approved by such OEMs as Ford, GM, Navistar and Deere among many others.

3.  Royal Purple MAX TANE DIESEL

The Royal Purple Max Tane Diesel reduces the consumption of fuel by 10%, and restores the well-being of the entire fuel system by cleaning the valves, pistons and combustion chambers. It also provides protection to the fuel system to allow the engine proper running for long periods of time.

This injector cleaner eliminates the black smoke and odor emitted by the exhaust system.  It also provides improved fuel system lubrication.

A user sayshe added 4 ounces of Royal Purple Max Tane Diesel to a half tank of diesel and after about 3 minutes his Minutesmy 6.0 diesel went from sounding like an auto chain sow to sounding like a brand new engine. He says he hears more of the wind now than his engine.

The Royal Purple Max Tane Diesel can be used for all diesel fuel types, ULSD and biodiesel. It can also be used with modern brand new cars and old model cars with the same affectivity.

4.  Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost

The Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost has the ability to clean injectors and diesel tanks to get rid of carbon deposits. It also provides the entire fuel system with protection and immunity against deposits and corrosion. Other than fuel injectors, this additive is also able to clean the fuel pumps.

This fuel injector cleaner can improve the mileage and fuel economy of your vehicle. This is one of the few fuel cleaners in the market that can take away water from fuel. This product also ststabilizes fuel and boosts cetane.

A user says that after adding 8 ounces of the Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost, truck came to life again. It once again had a quick response as he stepped on the pedal.

The Hot Shot’s Secret Diesel Extreme Clean and Boost comes concentrated and is good for about 150 gallons of fuel. All fuel system components are lubricated so they will have a longer lifespan.

5.  Liqui Moly 2002 Super Diesel Additive

The Liqui Moly 2002 Super Diesel Additive removes deposits in the injection system to enhance engine performance and to make the engine quieter. It also works to clear the combustion chamber to promote a quick start by increasing the rating your vehicle’s cetane.

This additive allows a cleaner burn for lesser emissions and fuel consumption.

A user says he highly recommends the use of this product. He further says that you may not notice the difference right away but using this additive every 600 miles will do your vehicle alo of good.

It is recommended to use the Liqui Moly 2002 Super Diesel Additive every 2-3 tanks. Results will not immediately be available but after a few thousand miles you will be able to tell the difference.

The Benefits of Using Diesel Injector Cleaners

Aside from cleaning the fuel system of your vehicle fuel injector cleaners come with other benefits:

  • Cleans hoes, pipes and the fuel pump.
  • Prevents the emission of unclean black smoke
  • Makes the fuel system immune to corrosion and formation of deposits.
  • Reduces engine noise.
  • Lubricates engine for better performance and longer lifespan.


If you want your diesel engine to last longer, you will need to clean it as often as it is needed. You need to keep your engine free of all deposits that may cause it to rust. Cleaning with the best fuel injector cleaner diesel engines should be your top priority.

There are many fuel injector cleaners for diesel engine brands to choose from. The Stanadyne Diesel Performance Formula is a standout because it is also made by a manufacturer of fuel injections. This means that they know exactly what fuel injectors need from a cleaner to promote superior diesel engine performance.

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