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Best Rivnut Tool for the Money – Nutsert Reviews

A rivet nut commonly known as a rivnut is basically a nut that crimps itself up thus forming a rivet. It is pulled with the assistance of the rivet nut gun which has also earned a popular name of the nutsert tool.

Some individuals also refer to it as the rivnut tool instead. Either way, you may decide to call it, the tool is mostly either hand-powered or air-powered. A few variants are electrically-powered. The tool is easy to use and does not require so much knowledge; just the basic knowledge of its operation is enough.

The best nutsert tool is one which is light and versatile. They should also be able to accommodate most rivnut sizes so that pulling wouldn’t be an issue. An efficient nutsert tool should also have enough force to position and remove a rivnut without much of a struggle.

There are also some set standards that you should be aware of when choosing these tools which we will dwell on through the article.

1. Astro Pneumatic Tool 1442 13” Hand Rivet Nut Setter Kit

This tool is made to increase power and reduce shock. It is a versatile and powerful set of equipment that is guaranteed to deliver. The rivet nut setter is ideal to work with on hard to reach areas due to its incredible power.


  • Comfort: The tool has an ergonomic grip that ensures it is not only easy to operate but is also gentle on the hands of the user.
  • Versatility: The tool can be used in various areas including the hard-to-reach areas that were otherwise impossible to reach before.
  • Adjustability: The kit is easy to adjust as you can conveniently interchange the mandrels nosepieces by the use of your hand without necessarily using any extra tools.
  • Durability: The tools are made to last for a long period serving the user since they are made out of high-quality material.


  • Offers flexible fastening and unfastening.
  • Multiplies pulling force.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Maximizes leverage
  • Can be used in many areas.


  • Limited global shipping.

2. Tacklife Pneumatic Tool 14” Rivet Nut Tool

This tool is very handy now that riveting has become so common and popular. Most applications nowadays require the use of rivets, and this is why they are quite important. This particular variant offers power and strength for riveting purposes.


  • Materials: Made up of chrome molybdenum steel mandrels and an all iron body, the riveting tool has a strong built construction that is sure to deliver.
  • Comfort: The 3mm thickened carbon steel arm and the ergonomic handles help the user to save 40% of his or her effort when working thus reducing strain and fatigue.
  • Design: This tool has a drawbar lever design that makes it easy to perform a fast installation process that is quick and easy. You can install and pull out the lever in just about one second.
  • Durability: The 3mm thickened carbon steel arm makes this tool to be more durable than some others which are in the market. It is therefore assured of serving you effectively for the time you use it. The other materials that build up this tool including the chrome-molybdenum steel mandrels and aluminum alloy also make it strong and durable.
  • Adjustability: The one-piece collects case makes this tool self-adjustable and thus gets rid of any need to adjust it by your own when changing the rivet diameters.


  • It is a complete set with 7 interchangeable mandrels.
  • It is has a wide array of applications.
  • Saves on energy from the user
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Comes with 7 colorful cases for the mandrels


  • Limited global shipping.

3. Ares Industrial Blind Nut Rivet Gun

This tool is designed to make installations of aluminum, stainless steel nut rivets, Steel et al., into other materials. It has a tool-less and fast-changing mechanism that easily swaps out mandrels and the nosepieces by hand.



  • Comfort: The handles of this tool are designed ergonomically and are shockproof with good grip to boost the comfort of the user while at the same time preventing hand fatigue.
  • Materials: This rivet gun is made up of industrial blind nut, mandrel wrench, and nosepieces among other materials.
  • Durability: The high carbon steel construction that makes up this tool ensures it can last for a long period thus serving the user well. The tool is tough enough to last a lifetime.
  • Adjustability: The tool is easy to adjust as it features a quick change mechanism that offers a tool-less mandrel and nosepiece change.


  • Easy to adjust and use
  • It is safe and comfortable to use.
  • It is versatile and can be used in various materials.
  • It is effective and efficient to use.
  • It has a unique and ergonomic design.


  • Limited choice of colors

4. Muzata 465 Pieces Blind Rivet Nut Kit Set

Suitable for a wide range of engineering activities, this tool works well to deliver on the needs of its user. It comes as a complete set which leaves you with the freedom to choose which tools to use.


  • Materials: The tool is made of alloy and steel which ensures it is strong enough for the functions it is supposed to carry out.
  • Durability: The materials that make up this tool give it a strong nature which is set to last for a long period.
  • Adjustability: The tool is easy to adjust and set up which gives the user an easy time when using it.


  • Easy to set up and adjust
  • Comes as a full set
  • It is versatile.
  • Has an anti-slip carry handle
  • Made strong and steady


  • Lacks sufficient padding on the handles

5. Smittybilt Black Nutsert Tool Set

This tool makes installing and removing nuts a walk in the park with its great efficiency. Nutsert installation using this device is not only convenient but also quite easy. The tool completes your workspace and gives you a quality job at the end of the day.


  • Design: The tool has a compact design for easier usage and also allows for the convenient changing of mandrels and nose pieces.
  • Comfort: It has an ergonomically made handle on both the sides that ensures the user is comfortable when using the tool. User comfort is important for the work to be done effectively and this tool offers just that.
  • Durability: It has a durable satin finish that ensures it can last for a long period without wearing out.
  • Adjustability: The tool is easy to adjust due to its mandrel quick change tool which gives the user an easy time when fixing nuts.


  • Compact design to ease usage
  • Gives extra leverage
  • Comfortable to the hands
  • Easy to adjust and use
  • Versatile


  • Limited global shipping

Best Rivnut/Nutsert Tool Buying Guide and FAQ:

What Is The Rivnut/Nutsert Tool?

We had earlier discussed a little about the rivnut or nutsert tool, but now we can take a look at more details about it here. A rivet nut is a fastener that can replace the conventional hexagon that has been in use from time back. Apart from the hexagon, square nuts have also been in use in the place of rivet nuts.

Rivet nuts have continued to become popular and common as they are not only easy to install but also stay fixed such that it is not easy for them to be lost. Their ends can either be closed or open depending on choice or preference. Most of them are made out of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

The other terms used to refer to rivet nuts include rivnuts, nutserts, and sheet nuts. These nuts can easily be installed by the use of a hand tool which saves costs that would have been used on welding equipment or other installation machinery.

What to Look For When Buying the Best Rivnut/Nutsert Tool

When you are purchasing a tool you can use for the installation of rivnuts; some important factors need to be considered keenly. The following is a guide on some of those factors that you would need to consider:

  • Durability: This is an important factor to consider when purchasing almost anything there is. You should always pick a tool that can serve you for a long time and not just for the time being. This being the case, it would be important first to do a research if possible to confirm the best nutsert tools. Lucky for you, we have carried out that research and you can trust the above tools as being the right ones for use. The design of the tool also determines the durability since a solidly constructed tool will last longer than that which has not been carefully crafted with the solid strength in mind.
  • Comfort: This is yet another very important factor to put in mind. Your comfort as the user matters a lot. More so if the tool is being directly used on the hands, the comfort is key. You should always look for tools that have been made to enhance grip and promote comfort at the same time. Otherwise, when you decide to purchase a tool that does not pass this qualification, you may end up getting bruises and fatigue after usage. Most of the nutsert tools today have been crafted with user comfort in mind though not all of them.
  • Safety: A durable and comfortable tool is okay, but one thing you should also have in mind is the safety. A tool that is safe to use matters a lot. The tool you choose to purchase should have safety features that can secure the user who is using it. For instance, the nutsert tool shouldn’t be made in such a way that it can squeeze the fingers or hand when being used. Most of these tools nowadays have been made bearing this in mind and are therefore safe to use. This is however not to mean that all of them are safe.
  • Ease of Usage: How easy is the tool to use? Well, some tools are generally harder to use than others sometimes due to their complex nature. The tool that you decide to use should be easy to use and convenient too. By so sating, it should be easy to adjust when using.

This means that the application process of any rivnut shouldn’t pose as a challenge to the tool that you choose. Having in mind that there are different types of rivnuts, you should take keen notice of the one that is fit to open most of them.

Moreover, to choose which rivnut to use, there are a few things that you would need to be considered. For instance;

  • Some of the things that you need to put in mind when it comes to the material are the resistance to corrosion and the host environment together where the rivnut will be used.
  • Rivet nuts come in different sizes of threads and depending on which one your area of application has, you will get a suitable size for your need.
  • Rivet nuts generally come in hexagon shapes or round shapes. This again will depend on your area of application.
  • This varies in diameter depending on where you would want to apply it on.
  • Otherwise known as the grip range, this is also an important factor to consider. As much as most applications will only require the standard grip range, some would also require the longer grip ranges instead.

Benefits of Using the Rivnut/Nutsert Tool

There is a wide range of benefits that accompany the usage of this tool. Some of the benefits that we can look at include the following:

  • Versatility: Unlike other tools that can be used during the application of rivnuts, the nutsert tools offer a lot of versatility. This means that they can be used in applying any rivnut. On the other hand, some of the other tools may be limited in operation and can therefore not apply all sizes of rivnuts and widths effectively. It would, therefore, be best to use the initial rivnut tool for fastening and applying the nuts. The good thing also is that these tools are meant for other nuts too, and you, therefore, get more value for your money purchasing them.
  • Reduces the Effort: These tools reduce the work that is done when applying the rivnuts for up to 40% in some cases. This, therefore, saves the extra percentage of effort that would have been applied during the process. This, in turn, reduces the level of fatigue that one would face each time when applying the rivnuts. This is achieved through its design and structure that has the nut further from the handles. This extension is what reduces the effort used during application. Some other tools lack this extension making it cumbersome to use them for the application of rivnuts for instance pliers.
  • Increases The Speed Of Work: These handy gadgets help to reduce effort while at the same time increasing the speed of work. This is to say that they help to make work move faster since they fasten and loosen rivnuts faster than conventional tools that have earlier been in use. Therefore even where the labor is huge, the tools make it convenient and easy to fix the nuts and remove them faster thus saving on time.
  • Helps To Prevent Injury And Fatigue: The use of these handy gadgets cannot be overlooked. In addition to being efficient and fast, they also reduce the chances of injury and fatigue. For instance, when using the conventional tools for working, you will get that you are experiencing more bruises on the hand since they are not as padded as the nutsert tools. Again with the training that you would experience when using the conventional tools, it would definitely lead to fatigue which can be avoided.

Safety Tips When Using Rivnut/Nutsert Tool

When using anything that is mechanical, you need to be keen so as not to get hurt in the due process. The rivnut tool is no exception, and you should, therefore, take care too when you are using it. There are some safety tips that we gathered which might be of help to you when you are using the tool:

  • Wear Gloves: As much as most of the tools are padded, it is still a good precaution to put on the safety gloves just in case of anything. This is to give you extra protection against injury and strain that may occur.
  • Always Inspect the Tool before Usage: Just before you start using the rivnut tool, you should make a thorough inspection of it first. In the inspection you can check the threads of the mandrel, making sure that they are all in place and of sound quality. This will ensure that it serves you well during use and doesn’t lead to any inconveniences that would have been prevented.
  • Keep Out Of Children’s Reach: Small children would love to touch everything they get in contact with even if they have no idea what they are. This is especially dangerous with tools as they may end up hurting themselves instead of playing. Their intentions may be clear just to play, but they would accidentally hurt themselves in the process, and of course, you would be to blame for negligence since they are just children. Therefore as a safety precaution, you can place the nutsert tools a little further from the kids so that they don’t end up picking them up and playing with them unknowingly. This can help to prevent tragedies that can take place.
  • Perform Regular Maintenance Practices: Tools need maintenance to perform effectively. Oiling and greasing the nutsert tools will make them perform well than before especially after a long time of no use.
  • Use Tools For Their Right Purpose: The nutsert tools are for applying and removing rivnuts. Do not use these tools for other purposes like hitting a nail onto a wooden surface.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Are all rivnuts the same?

A: well there are different types of rivnuts including the rounded ones and the hexagon shaped ones.

Q: Are rivnuts difficult to install?

A: with the help of nutsert tools, the nuts are easy to install. They are not so complicated to put together and take a minimal time also. You can, therefore, use them easily without much hustle as many may think.

Q: Are rivet nuts affected by heat?

A: unlike weld nuts, rivnuts are not affected by heat. They are more heat resistant, and that is what makes them versatile.

Q: Are nutsert tools very expensive?

A: again many may think that the nutsert tools are very expensive and cost a fortune. Contrary to most people’s believes, these tools are quite affordable and are not too costly. There are different types and makes to choose from too.

Final Thought

In conclusion, rivnuts are revolutionizing the way we fix stuff today. Most are moving from the initial nuts that were being used in the past to the use of rivnuts. This is because of their great versatility and endurance too. They can withstand some conditions that would destroy other nuts including heat.

Many people and even industries are therefore shifting to the use of rivnuts instead of the other nuts all because of these reasons. They have also been appreciated for their ease of application and ability to bond firmly to the application area.

The nutsert tools are also a good option for fixing the nuts since they offer various features that make them suitable for the job. For instance, they are more comfortable than the other tools and require much less effort to operate. They are therefore a cost-effective method of applying and removing the rivnuts from their positions.