• Your Guide to Getting the Best LED Reverse Light Bulbs
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    Your Guide to Getting the Best LED Reverse Light Bulbs

    Over the years, LED lighting technology has become significantly cheaper. This is why manufacturers are now making it the new standard of lights for household and automotive use, the same way fluorescent bulbs replaced incandescent bulbs back in the way. They’re not just for Christmas lights any longer. Here are the top 4 LED reverse light bulbs on Amazon. AUXITO 1,000 Lumens LED Backup Light Bulbs ​The AUXITO LED Reverse Light Bulbs come in a pack of 2 that is a little over 10 bucks. It has a decent rating in Amazon. It is 6,000K and 1,000 lumens in brightness. It also works with 912 and 921 15-SMD chipsets. More…

  • How to Remove Jeep Soft Top Completely, how to remove jeep jl soft top completely, jeep wrangler soft top removal instructions,
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    How to Remove Jeep Soft Top Completely

    Owning a Jeep with its soft top off is always synonymous to fun and adventure. Imagine feeling the wind on your face when driving in whatever terrain. How to remove jeep soft top completely to store for the winter or to get a new soft top is often an issue for some Jeep owners. During the summer putting down the soft top of your Jeep and enjoying your surroundings is one of the perks of owning a Jeep. Feeling the sun and breeze in your face, skin, and head while driving is a fun way to enjoy the summer. Taking off the soft top on your Jeep is not a…

  • best auto darkening welding helmet, ackson 2x4 auto darkening lens, gold auto darkening welding lens, rc one welding helmet review, gold welding lens
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    The 4 Best 2×4 Auto Darkening Welding Lens – Reviews

    It is always a struggle for professional welders to find the best welding lens. Many prefer the auto-darkening welding lens because of their versatility. What then is the best 2×4 auto darkening welding lens? The reason most welders prefer auto-darkening welding lens is because they automatically respond to generated light from welding. Your auto-darkening welding lens will automatically adjust within less than a microsecond to the required shade you need for the protection of your vision. Features of the Best Welding Lens Here are some qualities to look out for in determining the best auto-darkening welding helmets and lens: Comfort Headgear should be easy to adjust, flexible and comfortable. Weight…

  • How to Install Jeep Soft Top Frame
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    How to Install Jeep Soft Top Frame

    Jeep owners prefer having soft tops because they are easy to install and remove without help from anyone. Jeep soft tops are made of durable and tough materials. They deal well with the elements and let drivers easily open them when the weather so allows. So, how to install jeep soft top frame? The soft materials of Jeep soft tops are not able to deal with the cold weather. You will also have to deal with wind noise. Jeep soft tops, however, are able to provide more than enough protection from the elements. They are cheaper too than Jeep hardtops. Read More: How to Clean Jeep Soft Top Windows –…