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Frequent Question How wide are Johnny joints?

Details. Forged Johnny Joint® rod ends feature forged steel construction, a 1 1/4″-12 right hand threaded shank and come fully assembled with our standard Johnny Joint® internals (3.280″ wide ball center with a . 718″ thru bolt hole). These units are externally greasable via a zerk fitting.

What is a Johnny Joint?

The Johnny Joint is a ball-and-socket joint, but instead of steel, the ball is encased in a urethane socket. The Johnny Joint is a Currie Enterprises innovation and is named after John Currie.

What are currie Johnny Joints?

The Johnny Joint was developed by John Currie as an alternative to traditional rod ends. Johnny Joints are known for their smooth ride and road manners – due to their polyurethane inserts. They are a hybrid design with the softness of a poly bushing and the misalignment of a rod end/heim joint.

What are Johnny Joints used for?

A Johnny Joint is a suspension end designed to smoothly rotate up to 30 degrees without binding (or degrading which would then develop slop).

Are Johnny Joints Rebuildable?

All Johnny Joints are greasable for long-lasting durability and quiet operation and are fully rebuildable.

What are rod ends used for?

Rod ends are used to connect the ends of control rods, steering links and other tie rods used for mechanical control. A rod end provides an effective point-to-point contact with the center of rotation lying on the axis of both attached shafts.

What is an Enduro joint?

Our Enduro Joint’s are a rebuildable joint that combines some dampening of a poly bushing and some articulation of a heim joint. Totally rebuildable and is built from 4130 heat treated chromoly steel to ensure strength.

How do you adjust a Johnny Joint?

How to adjust Johnny joints on Core 4×4 control arms

Do Johnny Joints make noise?

Registered. Your Johnny Joints should be making no noise.

What is a female Rod?

Contraceptive Implant (the rod, Implanon) The contraceptive implant is a small plastic rod which is inserted underneath the skin on the inside of the upper arm. It can stay there for up to three years to slowly release the hormone progestogen.

Are Heim joints better than ball joints?

Ball joints are stronger than heim Joints in almost every way. Even oversized heim joints can’t keep up with a good ball joint. When it comes to strength, you have a lot more options with ball joints as well.

What is a rose joint?

Rose Joints are rod end bearings that are mechanical articulating joints. The rose joint which is exactly the same as a rod end bearing is used in mechanical applications such as bikes, solar technology, steering links and many more. Rose Joints or rod end bearings can be made from either metal or plastic.

How do you grease a Johnny Joint?

Johnny Joint Assembly

How do you adjust a TJ control arm?

Upper and Lower Control Arm Install for Jeep Wrangler TJ by RKS