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Frequent Question What is an axle degree shim?

Axle degree shims are ideal for Add-A-Leaf and Leaf Pack installs to minimize or eliminate rear drive line vibration. Degree shims are perfect for 2″ to 3″ rear lift.

How thick is a 6 degree shim?

6 Degree Steel Axle Shim, 2.5″ Wide | 2.5 Inch Axle Shims | WFOConcepts.com.

What is a degree shim?

Description. Degree shims are constructed of alloy aluminum designed to help align driveline angles when lighted springs are used.

What do axle shims do?

Axle shims are thin pieces of metal that are placed between an axle and a leaf spring to adjust the pinion angle of the vehicle’s axle. Axle shims are thin pieces of metal that are placed between an axle and a leaf spring to adjust the pinion angle of the vehicle’s axle.

How thick is a 4 degree axle shim?

Note:4 Degree – Shim thickness at tall end is . 551″ and . 191″ thick on the short end. Note: 2 Degree – Shim thickness at tall end is .

What is the ideal pinion angle?

According to Currie, the average car crafter should strive for between 1 and 3 degrees between the tailshaft of the transmission and driveshaft, and 1 to 3 degrees between the driveshaft and pinion. Furthermore, the two angles should be nearly equal (between 1 and 3 degrees), but always opposite (see crude diagram).

How do you shim an axle?

How to install Pinion axle shims Episode 448 Autorestomod

What is a differential Shim?


“Shimming the diff” refers to placing small spacers (look like washers) behind the gears to set the correct gear mesh. As the gears wear down the gap between them increases. If you place the shims properly you regain the proper mesh and increase the life of your gears.

How do you use leaf spring shims?

Leaf Spring Axle Degree Shims Product Video by Rukse

How do you set up pinion angle?

Changing the angle is as simple as adding wedged shims between the rear axle housing and the springs to slightly rotate the housing upward or downward. Putting the thick end of the wedge to the rear lowers the pinion
putting the thick edge to the front raises the pinion.

How do you install axle pinion shims?

Axle Pinion Shims

How do you set pinion angle with leaf springs?

With leaf springs you should set the pinion 3or 4 degrees down from the transmission angle. This will allow for pinion wind up unless you are using attraction device (then the pinion angle would be less). Don’t worry about the opposite but equal numbers so much.

How is pinion angle measured?

If the rearend is nose up and its angle is less than the angle of the driveshaft, subtract the rearend angle from the driveshaft angle. If the angle of the rearend is steeper than that of the driveshaft, subtract the angle of the driveshaft from that of the rearend to see how much positive pinion angle you have.

How do you know if pinion angle is off?

So what symptoms would lead you to identifying bad pinion angle? Drive train vibration at speed, wheel hop and universal joint fatigue/failure are all good indicators. These things can come out of no where with suspension bushing failures, engine and transmission mount failures or even leaf spring fatigue and wrap.

Can wrong pinion angle cause vibration?

In your case, it appears that the pinion is operating at an intersecting angle to the driveshaft. This will cause a vibration at speed.

How does pinion angle affect traction?

A wrong pinion angle that binds things up will cause traction problems and if the angle is changed so that it would relieve the binding then that would actually change the way the cars hooks, but that is the only case where a pinion change with out changing anything to do with the suspension would have any affect.

How do you set a pinion angle on a 4×4?

Driveline Vibration and Pinion Angle – 4×4

How do you shim a rear end?

Differential Set up and Shims Part 2 Installing the Ox Locker

Can you stack pinion angle shims?

If you stack the shims the bottom of the one shim will be right up against that recessed portion of the other shim.

How do you install differential carrier shims?

Differential Case Installation With Universal Shims

Does pinion depth effect backlash?

Increasing pinion depth also decreases backlash and moves drive pattern slightly towards toe, and coast pattern slightly towards the heel. Decreasing pinion depth also increases backlash and moves the drive pattern slightly towards the heel, and the coast pattern slightly towards the toe.

How do you set up a diff?

Differential Ring and Pinion Gear Setup

How do you add shim to leaf springs?

Now…just Remove 1 of the Springs (Overload), and now you have that 1 Inch of Threads back Open on the Center Pin. So the Shim takes the Place of the Overload you just took Out, the Nut will Fit back on the Center Pin, it will now Reach into the Axle Pad. Bolt Up the U-Bolts, and you are good to go.

How do you set the pinion angle on a leaf spring rear end?

Leaf Springs Pinion Angle Explained

Which way do castor wedges go?

The fat part of the caster wedge always goes towards the front of the vehicle when fitting in the front end. Caster Wedges can also be fitted to the rear of 4wd’s if required also.