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How do you size rivnuts?

What size hole do I drill for 10 24 Rivnut?


Type Rivet Nut
Length 0.594″
UOM each
Catalog Page BBV11, Page 01-303
Notes Drill Size: 1/4″

What size hole do I drill for a 5/16 Rivnut?

Product Description

CRL 5/16″-18 Rivet-Nut is used when attaching Z-Clamps to thin wall tubing. Works in conjunction with part number ZB0LT, Stainless Steel Socket Head Cap Bolt (Undercut Head) which are sold separately. Grip range is up to 1/8″ (3 mm). Drilled Hole Size is 17/32″ (13.5 mm).

What size hole do I drill for M5 Rivnut?

M5 Rivet Nut, Countersunk head, Aluminium, Grip Range 1.5 – 4.0, Hole Size 7.10 – Orbital Fasteners.

What size hole do I drill for an M6 Rivnut?

M6 Rivet Nut, Countersunk, Steel, Grip range 1.50 – 4.0mm, Hole Size 9.1mm.

What weight can Rivnuts hold?

The cell holds up to 35 gallons. The fuel cell weighs roughly 225 pounds when full. I have been at some pretty crazy angles off road with fuel in the tank and have had zero issues. I have faith in my rivnuts, but I used a quality tool for installation.

What size hole do I drill for a 1/4-20 Nutsert?

Aluminum 1/4-20 rivet nuts body diameter:0.350″, application Hole Size:0.351″-0.356″, grip range:0.020″-0.120″.

What is a 9mm drill bit equivalent to?

What is a 9mm drill bit equivalent to?

Drill Bit Hole Diameters
Metric Size Fractional Size
8 mm .3150 17/64
9 mm .3543 9/32
10 mm .3937 19/64

What drill bit is 7mm?

Metric Tap and Drill Bit Size Table

Tap Metric Drill US Drill
6mm x 1.0 5.2mm
7mm x 1.0 6.1mm 15/64″
8mm x 1.25 6.9mm 17/64″
8mm x 1.0 7.1mm

What size drill bit do you use for a 3/8 Nutsert?

Do you find this helpful? You will need a 9/16” drill bit for 3/8” nutserts.

What size hole do you drill for an M8 Nutsert?

M8 Rivet Nut, Flanged, Stainless Steel, Grip range 0.50 – 3.0mm, Hole Size 11.1mm – Orbital Fasteners.

How thick should Rivnut be?

Rivet nuts typically can grip material thicknesses between 0.010” up to 0.500” thick, but no one rivet nut can cover that entire range!

Are rivnuts strong?

The Advantages of Rivet Nuts

Whatever type of rivet nut you choose, they all have similar advantages: They are blind fasteners, so they are reliable, strong, and vibration-resistant.

Are rivnuts waterproof?

Any application where you wouldn’t want water or fluid to leak underneath or through the rivet nut should require a watertight rivet nut. Without using one of the seals, whether it’s an O-ring or sealant, it may not be completely watertight – especially as corrosion begins to develop.

Do they make metric drill bits?

The only difference between drill bits found in the U.S. and metric drill bits is that metric drill bits are measured in the metric system. Instead of finding a 1/4-inch bit, you’ll find a 6-milimeter bit.

What size is #20 drill bit?

Drill Bit Size Chart

Size Decimal Equivalent Size
74 0.0225 21
.60 mm 0.0236 20
73 0.024 4.10 mm
72 0.025 4.20 mm

Is a 1/4 drill bit 6mm?

6mm Drill Bit (~1/4″)

What size is a 4 mm drill bit?

The size recommended in most drill bit size charts is very often not the best size to use. When it comes to tapping drills, one size doesn’t fit all.Metric Tap and Drill Bit Size Table.

Tap Metric Drill US Drill
4mm x 0.7 3.4mm
5mm x 0.8 4.3mm
6mm x 1.0 5.2mm
7mm x 1.0 6.1mm 15/64″

What size is a #25 drill bit?

What size is a #25 drill bit?

To Tap This Size Screw Or Bolt: Use This Drill Bit: Decimal Inches
10-24 NC #25 .1495
3/16-32 NS #22 .1570
10-32 NF #21 .1590
5mm-0.90mm 4.2mm .1653

Is 3/8 drill bit the same as 10mm?

bit, though. 3/8″ bits have a nominal size being just ever so slightly under 10mm. You can’t drill a hole of any size and put something in it the same size. It must be a bit smaller than the hole you drill.

Which drill bit is 5mm?

Instant quotes for 50+ metals and plastics.Standard metric drill bit sizes.

Drill size Diameter (in)
4.9 mm 0.1929
5 mm 0.1969
5.1 mm 0.2008
5.2 mm 0.2047