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How to clean Snow off Car without Scratching

Winter can be a frustrating and tricky time of the year for your car. Cleaning your car in winter can be a difficult task. How to clean snow off car without scratching can be such a big challenge.

The improper removal of snow from your car can cause damage to the paint of your car. Scratches are the most common damage. Scratches due to improper removal of snow can range from light to very deep. Some deep scratches can even be beyond repair and would require a new paint job.

Reasons to Clean Snow off Your Car

Removing snow from your windows, mirrors, windshields, roof, hood and trunk is important for many reasons.

  • Damage to car. Not clearing snow off your car can damage the roof track, wiper blades, wiper system and HVAC system.
  • Can cause accidents. Snow can dislodge when your car is running and slide down from the roof to the windshield preventing you to have a clear view of the road. It is also possible that snow from your car will fly off and land on another car’s windshield. Not having a clear view of the road can cause accidents.
  • It is illegal to drive a snow-covered car. You can be issued a ticket for driving your car covered with snow. This ticket may come with a huge fine.

Some car owners are often just plain lazy to clean snow off their cars. Others do not have the time and the right equipment. Not cleaning snow off your car though is a big mistake.

Scratching the car paint is one of the biggest risks when cleaning snow off your car. The tools used and the manner of cleaning are the main culprits that will cause scratches.

Tools to Avoid

Some tools used in cleaning off snow from your car can cause scratches on the surface of your car paint. To prevent these from happening, the use of certain tools that may cause scratches should be avoided.

Most shovels, brooms and brushes have coarse bristles that will scratch the paint of your car. Brushes have rough hairs that will scratch the paint of your car. Brushes can also drag dirt over the surface of the car paint that can cause scratches.

A foam brush is the best tool to use. With a good quality foam brush you can simply pull or push snow from your car without scratching the paint.

If you do not want to get a foam brush, you can use your hands. Wear leather gloves to protect your hands.

Cleaning Snow off your Car

No task can be worse than having to clean snow off your car. The thing is it needs to be done. Removing snow from your car needs to be done the right manner so as not to leave scratches.

Here are some methods to clean snow off car without scratching:

Rinse Off Method

This method uses cold water to quickly rinse off snow from your car. The water that will run off your car though can freeze and make your driveway dangerous and slippery. In some instances, the water will once again freeze before it completely runs off your car.This quick and effective method of cleaning snow off without scratching your car should only be used when the re-formation of ice will not affect anyone.

Blow Off Method

This method uses a tool similar to a leaf blower. The tool will simply blow snow off your car without getting into direct contact with the surface of your car. Although this is a quick and easy method, the tool can be noisy while in use. A cloud of snow can also be created in the direction where you are blowing the snowing at. This may get you into trouble with your neighbors.

Parking in a Heated Place Method

If you have a garage or a heated place, park your car and the snow will simply melt off your car. If you intend to use this method, make sure the water from melted ice has a place to flow.

Car Cover Method

With this method, you can just take off the cover and shake the snow off. You will need to use a car cover that does not scratch the paint of your car. This type of car cover can be costly.

Liquid Method

There are some liquids other that you can use to clean snow off your car.

  • Commercial de-icer liquid. Spay on the windshield starting on the top and working your way down. Gently scrape off ice with a scraper using broad strokes completely moving across the glass.
  • Vinegar and water mixture. Mix vinegar and water with a 3: 1 ratio and place in a spray bottle. Spray on the windshield and with a scraper move across the entire windshield with broad strokes.
  • Rubbing alcohol and water mixture. Mix 2/3 cup of rubbing alcohol and 1/3 cup of water. Spray the solution on the windshield and with a scraper use broad strokes to clean off ice.

Foam Brush Method

If you want to use a tool to clean off snow from your car, use only a foam brush. With a foam brush you can quickly and easily remove ice from your car without scratching. This is how to do it.

What You Will Need:

  1. Park as close as you can to the street. Make sure not to block the sidewalk. This will enable you to shovel less of your driveway to get your car on the road.
  2. Shovel the wheels of your car.
  3. Clear the tailpipe of snow.
  4. Get hold of your foam brush.
  5. Start cleaning off snow from the roof and work down to the windows, trunk, hood, front and rear lights. Make sure to pull off the snow and not push it.
  6. Pull off snow in a straight line. Move from the front and then backwards of your car. This will allow snow to spill from behind your car and to the sides.

You can turn on the defroster and heat of your car and it will clean off the rest of the snow. If it does not then you can do the cleaning off yourself again.

Tips to Avoid Scratches

  • When working with a foam brush, make sure to keep all your strokes in a straight line to ensure you do not scratch the paint of your car.
  • Minimize contact between the tools you use to clean snow off and your car by not attempting to remove every bit of snow. You can turn the engine on and make the heat from the engine do the rest of the job. The sun can also safely remove the remaining bits of snow.

Knowing how to clean snow off car without scratching will not only keep your free of any damage but will also allow you to drive safely all through the winter season.