How to Get Deep Scratches out of Car Windows
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How to Get Deep Scratches out of Car Windows

Car window scratches can occur for a variety of reasons including those caused by the blades of the window wiper. It may also be that your jewelry or bag may scratch the car windows. Sometimes wiping the glass may also cause scratches when not using a clean microfiber cloth.

Scratches on your car windows can spoil the fine appearance of your car. More importantly it may be a driving hazard.  Scratches can cause car windows to be uneven that may in turn deflect light affecting your visibility of the road.

Dealing with car window scratches especially the deep ones is a more complicated process than car paint touch up. When deep car window scratches are left unattended, it could cause the car windows to shatter anytime leading to a possible serious accident and more expenses. When your car window shatters you will need to have it replaced to maintain the safety of your car.

Fortunately, there are quick and easy remedies to deal with deep scratches in car windows. You can either get a commercial car window scratch removal product or make one yourself.

Assessing the Scratch

The first thing that needs to be done is to assess the window scratch – its length and depth.

The fingernail test will help you determine the depth of the scratch. Run your fingernails or finger through the scratch. Your finger will run through a smooth surface if the scratch is merely on the surface. If your finger gets caught in the scratch, then it is a deep scratch.

Light to moderate scratches can be entirely dealt with a car polish that is safe to use for car windows. Deep scratches need repairs.

Getting Deep Scratches out of Car Windows

As a car owner, it will save you a lot of money if you know how to remove scratches from your car windows.

For surface scratches a scratch removal agent can fill up the scratches. This transparent remover will harden and dry and the scratch will no longer be visible making your car windows look brand new. For deep car window scratches, more action is needed.

Here is the step by step process on how to get deep scratches out of car windows.

Method 1:Using Cleaner Wax

What You Will Need:

  • Glass Cleaner. For removing dirt, stain and contaminants from car windows. It is gentle on your car’s glass windows but tough on smudges and grime.
  • Cleaner Wax. For removing contaminants and scratches on car windows.
  • Wax Applicator. For applying cleaner wax on the car windows without causing any scratch lines or marks.
  • Polishing pad. For polishing car windows.
  • Polisher or Buffer. Portable device for buffing and cleaning car windows.
  • Microfiber cloth. A gentle and soft cloth for wiping the surface of glass windows without causing scratches and swirl marks.


  • Spray glass cleaner on the windshield or car windows.
  • Wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth. Reapply glass cleaner as necessary to make sure all stains and contaminants are gone. Make sure sand and dirt are removed to avoid friction which may worsen the scratch when applying the cleaner wax.
  • Buff the surface until dry with the clean side of the microfiber cloth. Make sure no residues of the glass cleaner remains on the glass.
  • Isolate the scratch by surrounding it with a tape.
  • Apply cleaner wax on the scratch using the wax applicator. Apply wax evenly making sure it really gets into the scratch. Reapply when needed.
  • Connect polishing pad to the buffer device. Set buffer device to between 1500 – 2000 rpm.
  • Polish the glass window until scratches are eliminated. Use the buffer gently as pushing too hard may worsen the scratch.
  • If working on the car windshield, clean the wiper blades to avoid any further scratches dirt may cause when through friction when the windshield is in motion.


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Method 2: Using Homemade Car Window Scratch Removal Compound

What You Will Need:

  • Glycol or glycerin. These ingredients can be found in skin care products such as moisturizers and can be purchased in drug stores.
  • Jeweler’s rouge. Wax and aluminum oxide often used in jewelries for the polishing of soft metals.
  • Water. Tap water or water with low mineral content.
  • Soapy water
  • Microfiber cloth


  • Briskly mix two tablespoons each of glycol or glycerin, jeweler’s rouge and water in a bowl to make the car window scratch removal compound. The removal compound will look similar to toothpaste and should be easy to apply to the scratch.
  • Wash the windshield or glass windows as clean as you can with soapy water.
  • Thoroughly rinse the cleaner making sure no residue is left. This is to make sure no dirt will get trapped underneath the removal compound.
  • Apply the homemade car window scratch removal compound around the area of the scratch and to the scratch. Make sure not to apply too much pressure when applying the compound. The deep scratch could be the weak point of the car window or windshield and applying too much pressure may shatter the glass.
  • Spray water on the compound and gently rub with a soft microfiber cloth. Do not apply too much pressure as it may also push the removal compound out of the scratch.
  • Allow the removal compound to dry.
  • Wash off the removal compound with soapy water.
  • If the scratch does not disappear after cleaning, reapply the removal compound and wash it off again with soapy water.
  • Apply the removal compound every month or so to make sure the scratch remains filled with the removal compound.
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Scratches on the car windows are a frequent nuisance but as a car owner you know it is always bound to happen. You will just need to deal with it immediately to avoid an expensive replacement.