How to Install Jeep Soft Top Frame
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How to Install Jeep Soft Top Frame

Jeep owners prefer having soft tops because they are easy to install and remove without help from anyone. Jeep soft tops are made of durable and tough materials. They deal well with the elements and let drivers easily open them when the weather so allows. So, how to install jeep soft top frame?

The soft materials of Jeep soft tops are not able to deal with the cold weather. You will also have to deal with wind noise. Jeep soft tops, however, are able to provide more than enough protection from the elements. They are cheaper too than Jeep hardtops.

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Reasons Most Jeep Owners Opt for Soft Tops

Many Jeep owners opt for soft tops due to these reasons:

  • Soft tops can be customized. You can opt to uncover the entire Jeep or just the front or rear.
  • Soft tops are easy to install and remove.
  • Most jeep soft top models include roll back sunroofs, interchangeable materials, storage pockets and in different skin colors.
  • A soft top can be stored right inside your Jeep.

While soft tops are harder to clean, they are more versatile than their hardtop counterpart.

It is easy to configure the soft top and doors of your Jeep to suit your preference:

  • You can have the soft top and doors off on a warm day.
  • You can have the soft top and doors on a rainy and cold day.

However, you want to ride on your Jeep it is best that you know how to install and remove the components of your soft top so you can enjoy your drive to the fullest.

How to Install Jeep Soft Top Frame

The metal frame is where you will connect the soft top. This frame will lock in two portions of your Jeep. First it will lock in the front windshield and the other end will lock on the rear runner which is located within the inside of the sides of the Jeep.

Before installing your Jeep’s soft top, check what type of frame you have. You need to have the right frame for your soft top.

Supertop Frame

This frame comes with a slim metal windshield header and plastic that can be bolted down to stay tight and secured. A wrench is needed along with some finagling to correctly mount this type of frame. It can be a bit difficult to take off and put on your soft top.

OEM Factory-Styled Frame

This type of frame has a big windshield header. It is easier to install because it comes with quick clamps. Soft top fabrics compatible with this type of frame style have more fabric in the front. The soft top attaches to the header with screws. This is a better type of frame because it is easier to take off and put on your soft top.

The OEM factory-styled frame is different in terms of its latches connected to the windshield frame, the shape of the frame and its plastic door surrounds.

While it is important to have the correct frame for the design of your soft top, you can mount frame brow brackets to your Jeep. The incorrect frame will hold onto these brackets.

If you have an OEM factory-styled frame and a soft top that fits a Supertop frame:

  1. Mount frame bow brackets to the roll bar which is below the mounts of the front seat belt.
  2. Remove the padding of the roll bar and the seat belt attachment.
  3. Take off the seat belt mounts – the 3 screws and the plastic cover.
  4. Mount the bow brackets on the OEM frame.
  5. Cover the bow brackets with the padding of the roll bar and cover.
  6. Replace the seatbelt mounts.

The bow brackets will stick out of the roll bar padding once it is mounted to the frame.

If you purchased a set with the right frame for the soft top then you do not have to go through the trouble of mounting bow brackets.

OEM Soft Top Frame

Step 1: Getting Started

Lay out all the parts of the Jeep soft top frame. The frame will come with an installation illustration, lay it out on the floor, too for easy identification of the parts.

Step 2: Rear Door Surround Assembly

There are left and right door surrounds. Work on the rear door surround first. Door surrounds come with hardware and seals to connect them to the bottom of the upper door surround and C-channel bottom.

Step 3: Connecting Pieces of the Door Surround

Use the provided washers and shoulder bolts to connect pieces of the door surround. Do the same thing to connect door surrounds on the driver’s side.

Step 4: Attaching the Tailgate bar Brackets

Attach the brackets of the tailgate bar to the back of the tub which is near the tailgate. Use the supplied bolt.

Step 5: Attaching the Roll Bar Brackets

Take off the roll bar trim and pull it towards the center of your Jeep.  Attach to the roll bars the wall bar brackets.

Step 6: Connecting the Sport bar Brackets

Sports bar brackets are marked left hand and right hand. It is also marked as to which side should go up along with the pins. This is to make sure the brackets fits on the right spot. Do the same thing on the driver’s side.

Step 7: Installing the Door Surrounds

Start with installing the front door surround by placing the bracket on the top of the sport bar above the side door (passenger door). Secure the sport bar with bolts. Repeat the same process with the rear door surround and on the driver’s side.

Be careful not to damage the weather seal on the Wrangler’s front and rear doors.

With the soft top flame installed in your Jeep, you are now ready to attach the soft top.

Before installing the soft top, make it sit for about two hours in a warm area or under direct sunlight. You will be able to easily and quickly install the soft top when warm.

It is normal for the soft top to appear wrinkled when first installed in your Jeep. The soft top fabric is folded inside the box thus it will really be wrinkled at first. It will however relax and straighten up after a few days of being on the vehicle.

How to install jeep soft top frame can be done anytime and anywhere. It is however highly recommended that the soft top is installed in an area with a 700F temperature. At a lower temperature, the soft top material may shrink making it difficult to install.