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How To Remove Decals From Car Paint

Many people use car decals to decorate their cars or to promote their businesses. This leads to a big problem, that of removing these decals from car paint and not damaging the car. It might seem difficult; however, the simple steps that you need to follow could help if you are in this position.

Even if you are not in the need of knowing how to remove decals from car paint at the moment you might need in the future. Decals do not look as good as they are new forever. Also, your business might grow bigger or you could change it and then you will need to also change the decals. No one wants a warned out decal in their car or an outdated one that would make your car look old. Therefore, here are some steps you must follow:

1.   Peel the Decal Off

Firstly, you will need to peel the decal off. Use your hands to do this and take as much of the decal off. This means that you need to remove the figure, so the paper and only the adhesive will remain on the paint.

Avoid using sharp or pointed objects if you do not want to ruin the paint or cause damage to your car. Instead, if you cannot peel it off only using your hands, use a not-so-sharp blade or similar objects. You could use your old student card, or an old credit card or something similar.

To make this part easier to apply water mixed with soap on the decal as it will soften. This will make it easier for you to peel it off. Then wash it out and dry the area using a rag or a soft sponge.

2.   Use a Cleaner

You will need to clean the part were the decal you want to remove it, especially after you removed a good part of it. This will make it easier for you to remove the adhesive from the paint. Use a solvent that is suitable for paint, a solution, or an all-purpose cleaner that you usually use to clean your car. Mix them with water.

Do not use car wax at this step. Just use the mixture to clean the parts of the decal you could not peel off. Use hot water, or at least as hot as your hand can stand. Use a soft sponge or a rag to wash the part of the decal on the paint. Clean as much as possible and try to remove the adhesive so that you will not have much more work left.

3.   Use Heat

The adhesive is very easily removed by heating it. For this part you can simply use a hair dryer or if you have a hot-air-gun even better. Just remember that you should not use a very high temperature. Let it be about thirty Celsius degrees.

You want to remove the decal from the paint of your car but preferably not ruin the paint. That would only make you lose time and money.  Warm the adhesive slowly so it will soften and you can easily remove it.

4.   Rub the Adhesive Off

Now that the adhesive is softened you will need to use a sponge or a rag to rub it off. The adhesive should be warm enough to be removed but not as much as to take the paint along with it while you are rubbing it off. You can check this by using smaller temperatures while heating the car decal.

Constantly use the hairdryer or the hot air gun so that the adhesive will not get cold and harsh again. Use a sponge or a rag or the object you using before to peel the adhesive off.

5.   Soap and Water

To fully clean the adhesive of the decal from car paint mix soap with water, or some other detergent with water. Use a soft sponge or your usual rag and wash the part where the decal was. Keep washing it until the sponge moves easily on the surface and the adhesive does not stop it.

Use soft sponges or rags or cloths so that you avoid scratching the paint of the car.

6.   All Purpose Cleaner

After you have fully taken the car decal of the car paint to take the all-purpose cleaner you usually use to clean your clan and apply it over the area. This will help to clean the dirt that is left after removing the decal. Use a very soft rag or cloth to do so.

The surface where the decal was after the decal is removed becomes a very delicate surface and it can be easily scratched. This happens because you have rubbed it many times and used the different thing to remove the decal from the paint.

This step is important because after you remove the car decal you can see its shape on the paint. This happens because the decal has been on the car for very long and the surface underneath has been protected from the sun or water and thus it is highlighted.

Apply the all-purpose cleaner and wipe the surface with a rag or soft cloth multiple times until you do not see the shape of the decal on the car paint any longer.

7.   Wash Your Car

Wash your car after you have done all of the above steps. You can use the cleaners you usually use or you can just rinse it with water. Remember to not pressured water as it can damage your car at this point.

Wash your car as you regularly do but more gentle meaning that you should not use pressure or harsh rugs or sponges. Use a very soft cloth to dry it afterward.

8.   Waxing Is the Answer

Of course, it is important to wax your car after you have successfully remove the decal. This will make it possible for the paint to be the same in every part of the car and not have a major distinction. Your car will look as brand new and no one will notice it used to have a decal.