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How To Remove Glue From Car Without Damaging Paint

Getting glue or adhesive from a car is a very tricky thing. To start off, it depends on what type of adhesive it is and how it got there. Glues or adhesives may come from stickers, decals; vinyl wraps or even body kits or attachments. When the uses of the above-mentioned car accessories or extensions have been depleted or they have been worn out, they must be removed. Thus the glue will remain on the body of the car and you are left wondering on how to remove the glue from the car without damaging the paint.

When you are faced with such a problem, it is advised that you first consult a professional because you might really damage your car paint if you just follow the car myths that exist around. However, you are in luck by reading through here because we are just about to separate the fact from the fiction and tell you about the really easy ways on tackling this issue without risking the aesthetics of your car.

Easy ways to remove the glue without damaging your car

Let us first go through the easy and safest ways whereby you can remove glue from your car without any risk of damaging the paint on your car. These methods have been tried and tested several times by professionals and have a proven track record. Here we are giving you trade secrets that are so simple you will not have to waste your money any further paying other to use them on your cars. These methods are:


Being an aviation engineer and a car enthusiast, We have been faced with this problem several times. Whenever cars or aircraft came with such, due to advertisement stickers or in some cases vinyl wraps. My first go to solution for clearing this mess would be the fuel of the machine, whether avgas, petrol or diesel. Aircraft are very sensitive because any damages on the paint would have adverse effects during flights, so using a gentle solution on the body of the aircraft is the only solution to provide high-quality service.

For car owners who would like to maintain the quality of the paint when removing the glue, we would advise you to use this method. In order to do this, you will simply have to get the gasoline from any source like fuel tank, petrol station, or even a reserve tank if available and pour it on a bucket or spray container. Then you simply apply it on the surface and rub it off with a rag. Gasoline or any other type of fuel usually evaporates quickly, but if used in large quantities may be harmful on the car, ensure you have cleaned it off with water afterward to remove excess.


Heat is also one method which is very useful. You may have seen on several occasions, someone with a car which has glue marks on his car but they look to be almost disappearing. This may be due to the natural effects of the sun heating the surface of the car; naturally, heat makes the glue detach itself from any surface.

If you have access to a heating appliance like blow-dry, heat gun or even a flame gun. You can simply apply heat on the surface carefully and simply use a plastic tool like an old credit card to scrape off the glue. Though this method is way too easy, there are reasons that We would not recommend it to everyone, WE would only advise that if you know how to use the heating equipment’s and controlling the heat, do so for if you are not careful you shall not only damage the paint, but also the integrity of the car itself because some parts of the car are made of fiberglass or plastic material.

Soapy Water

We had problems and argument when deciding on the ranking systems on the easiest methods on how to remove glue from the car without damaging paint because availability and accessibility is also a factor. We decided to rank this last on my list even though being the easiest and most common method to be used simply because it is the most tedious of all the methods. It is also time-consuming.

To start off, you have to try to scrape off the glue or adhesive, then simply take any brand of car shampoo or soap and mix it with water and start wiping it gently applying sufficient pressure to remove the adhesive/glue. Keep wiping it until the adhesive/glue completely comes off.

Another factor that made us rank this last would be due to the fact that this only works on freshly removed stickers. It also does not work on hard adhesives that are applied to the body of the car like decals and vinyl adhesives and also on body kits. Thus this method may only be used for simple sticker glues, but if you have the time, it can remove the other type of glues but with much effort and time.


Here we have just discussed the easiest and simplest methods on how to remove glue from the car without damaging pain. However, the three named above are not the only methods; they are the best and simplest to go about this. There are several more methods and here we shall give those honorable mentions, however you should always be careful on how you go about removing the glue on your car with any of the above mentioned and any other methods named here. Though these methods are the best for removing the gunk from your cars’ surface, you have to be careful not to damage it further by doing these methods in the wrong way.


The honorable mentions that we left out but are still best ways of removing adhesives and glues are WD40, Orange Peels, Polishing compounds, Mineral Spirits, Goo-gone, Adhesive removers and hot water or steam. We recommend that you take time to access the best method on how to remove the blemish from your car, but remember you have the first two options which will save you a lot of time in removing the adhesive.