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How to Remove Jeep Soft Top Completely

Owning a Jeep with its soft top off is always synonymous to fun and adventure. Imagine feeling the wind on your face when driving in whatever terrain. How to remove jeep soft top completely to store for the winter or to get a new soft top is often an issue for some Jeep owners.

During the summer putting down the soft top of your Jeep and enjoying your surroundings is one of the perks of owning a Jeep. Feeling the sun and breeze in your face, skin, and head while driving is a fun way to enjoy the summer. Taking off the soft top on your Jeep is not a fussy process and it just sits at the back of your Jeep.

When to Completely Remove Jeep Soft Top

If you simply just want to enjoy the sun and wind during the summer, all you need to do is just put down the soft top and store it at the back of your Jeep. You can put it back whenever you feel like.

While Jeep soft tops are great, they are not feasible to the harsh winter conditions. Many jeep owners completely take down their soft tops and replace them with hardtops. The build-up of ice on your soft top will definitely cause it to be irreparable.

Your soft top will serve its purpose for about 3 to 5 years. Of course, the lifespan of your soft top depends on:

  • How you drive your Jeep.
  • How you use your soft top.
  • How you clean and maintain your soft top.
  • How you store it.

When your soft top has seen better days, it is time for a replacement. Replacing hardware pieces of your soft top can be expensive. In some instances, it is cheaper to purchase a new soft top kit than replace individual parts.  In this case, you will need to completely remove the existing soft top to give way to a new one.

There are instances when you simply just want to replace your soft top with a newer design or color. In this situation, you will also need to completely remove the soft top.

How to remove jeep soft top completely is a simple process. Be ready though with extra hands on standby to help you make removing the soft top a lot easier.

How to Remove Jeep Soft Top Completely

Before completely removing the soft top, take it down first.

Step 1: Remove the Back Windows

Lift the tip of the soft top to slightly remove the Velcro located on top of the window. Below the Velcro is the zipper running on the window. Completely remove the zippers and Velcro on the side windows.

Remove the sail flaps which you will find on the bottom of the windows. The windows are made of plastic so be careful and keep them flat so they will not bend. Roll up the windows and fully unzip both sides of the back window. Pull up the windows on the bottom bar.

Remove the windows so they are kept out of the way. Make sure to secure the windows with elastic straps.

Step 2: Folding the Soft Top

Remove the header latches located in the front seat under the sun visors. Bring the sun visor down so they can be easily moved to the sides. The latches are above the passenger and driver sides. Remove the latches to remove them.

You can opt to remove the latches before or after removing the windows.

Remove and fold on top the black corner flaps. Fold the flaps first on the roof of your soft top, then to the back of your Jeep and finally completely remove them.

The next thing to do is to work on the latches above the door on the front seat. With your fingers, push the latches to remove the soft top. With the latches down, the soft top will start to move backward and open.

Finally, remove the soft top. Fold it nicely if you are just keeping it for winter and planning on using it again during the summer. Store the soft top in a storage bag.

How to Store Soft Top

If you are removing your soft top to replace it with a hard top for the winter, you better make sure to store it safely and securely. Soft top fabrics can be delicate and not storing them carefully may damage them beyond repair.

Soft top storage bags are your best option to safely store your Jeep soft top for the winter. Carefully fold down the soft top and place inside a storage bag. Some soft tops come with matching storage bags in the same material. Storing the soft top in a storage bag will keep it clean and protected from debris, stains. Roll up the windows and doors and place them in the storage bag as well.

Before storing your soft top, make sure it is clean. Dirt and debris stuck on the soft top during storage may be difficult to remove when you install them back to your Jeep.

Actually, the best time and easiest way to clean your Jeep soft top is before removing it for storage.

The safest and easiest way to clean your soft top and plastic windows is to use warm water, soft cotton or terry rags and mild dishwashing detergent over the entire surface. There are also products solely for cleaning Jeep soft tops and plastic windows.

Never use bleach on your soft top and plastic windows as it will remove the natural properties of the plastic windows and soft vinyl top material. Common household cleaning products should also not be used especially those with petroleum or silicone solvents.

Household window sprays may also contain ammonia or alcohol which will damage the vinyl fabric and plastic windows. Never also use paper towels as they will scratch the plastic windows.

More importantly, clean your soft and plastic windows gently. Do not apply to much pressure so bringing your Jeep with a soft top for washing is a definite no.

A Jeep with a soft top is a cool way to enjoy this vehicle during the summer. When you need to completely take it off in preparation for the winter or when you need to completely replace it, do it the right way so it will not be a tedious task.

How to remove jeep soft top completely is an easy process. Do it systematically and in a short time your Jeep will be ready for a hard top or a new soft top.