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How To Remove Scratches From Car Home Remedy – With Toothpaste

The car is one of the most expensive and valuable purchases of a person’s life and therefore it is normally observed that people try to keep their cars super cool and clean. Additional amount worth many hundreds and thousands is spent to give the car a look which not only makes the car super cool and catchy to other people’s eye but also makes the car a fantastic ride for the owner.

But have you ever thought of your car being scratched and that too without your own fault? Yes, I mean when someone passing on the road accidentally or intentionally scratches your car for the sake of fun… well, in that case, all you can do is just worry and lose a huge amount of cash to the repairman if you don’t have knowledge of the repair and how to remove scratches from car home remedies.

Details about car paint

People who are the owner of a car only know the basic color of their car. It is the color which is reflected on the top of car or may I say the color the car is in, for instance, Black, White, Gun Metallic, Silver etc. but what people don’t know is that this color of car is not directly applied on car body and in fact, there are other bases which are applied to car body before applying this final quote.

There are different layers and types of colors applied to different cars but in today’s luxurious cars several layers of 0.1mm thickness are applied. Initially, a primer coat is applied which is followed by a base of the color which is to be actually applied to the car. Now glossy finishing touch is obtained by applying Clear coat layer. An ultraviolet test is conducted to ensure that it is safe enough to stand the impact of ultraviolet rays.

Now a day the most famous paint that is being applied on cars is Acrylic Enamel paint. This paint is being particularly used because of its environment-friendly nature.

Diagrammatically car color can be described as shown in the diagram link:

Diagrammatically car color

Diagrammatically car color – Photo Credit: from flickr.com

So now that you have understood the basics of car color it is also important to understand the type of scratches so that one can determine the expense that one may have to bear, besides there are some scratches which can be repaired through simple home remedies

Type of Car Scratches

  1. Transfer: This type of scratch is a very fine type off scratch and can be removed through rubbing your palm for some time on scratch. A fingernail cannot enter in this scratch as this is a residue of something that has slightly hit your car.
  2. Actual Scratch: This scratch requires treatment as this scratch is a deep one. It is the type of scratch that has actually damaged one of the paint layers of the car. However, can be treated in some cases through the compound cream.
  3. Significant Scratch: This type of scratch is no doubt the deep scratch. If a Fingernail test is performed on the car, one can feel that all the layers of paint are damaged. Difference between Actual scratch and significant scratch is the appearance. Significant scratch is very apparent whereas actual may not be very visible.
  4. Combinations: This type of scratch is a combination of transfer, Actual Scratch and Significant scratch. This type of scratch needs proper working and determination of angle up to where each type of scratch has gone.
  5. Rust Scratch: Worst of all is the rust one which is normally not touched by people because it is very deep and rust has settled in it. It requires treatment from sandpaper which if not applied properly can make things worse rather than improving.

Now that type of scratches is defined we now look at how to remove scratches from car home remedies

Remove car scratches with toothpaste

Well, this is one of the easiest methods for treating scratches of the car. The results obtained through this method are also remarkable. The method is simple and result oriented.

Remove car scratches with toothpaste

Remove car scratches with toothpaste – Photo Credit: Roadsidepictures from flickr.com

This method requires only three things.

All you have to do is determine the type of scratch. And then apply water on it and properly clean it. This would allow all the transfer to be removed from the surface of a car.

After that apply tooth-paste on Micro-fiber towel and apply it properly to scratch. Try and move the towel in a circular motion.

After the application of toothpaste leave it for about 10-15 minutes. This would allow the Sodium Fluoride to react properly with the base coat.

After the lapse of 10-15 minutes take a clean microfiber towel and remove the toothpaste which is applied on the surface of the car. However, scratch is still not removed one may apply wax or compound cream after the above-mentioned process.

If the scratch is very deep then there is no harm in using a sandpaper and buff machine. I would always suggest you keep your car clean so that you can analyze the actual position of car paint.

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Can any tooth paste be used for removing scratches?

Yes, all the tooth pastes are as effective as each other and can be used for scratch removal.

From where can I purchase a good compound cream?

You can easily purchase compound cream and other quality stuff for cars from Amazon

Can I perform sandpaper method myself?

In my opinion, No, genuinely speaking, yes, if you have a practice and knows how to handle this stuff you can do it at home but remember that application of sandpaper removes the color to the extent of the base and even deeper, therefore, there is no point of turning back. In my opinion, an expert supervision is suggested.


Well, concluding I would say that certainly everyone loves their cars and want nothing to happen to it. People get hyper when even a single scratch is found on their cars, well, I suggest that rather than being hyper and losing your mind, you should be observant and try to figure out what actually is the nature of the problem. Maybe the problem is not that big and can be easily solved through a “Toothpaste”.