Pairing Made Simple: How to Play Music through Bluetooth in Car

How to Play Music through Bluetooth in Car

Do you enjoy listening to music while driving but the radio does not play the kind of music you like? You’d much rather listen to the playlist on your iOS or Android device. But, how to play music through bluetooth in car? I used to ask the same question. Now I have the answers and the Bluetooth technology has made driving even through the worst of traffic tolerable.

Bluetooth technology has since done more than just providing an option for the hands-free use of your smartphone. Most modern cars have audio systems that support the Bluetooth technology so you can listen to your favorite music through a wireless network.

If you own an older car that does not come with the Bluetooth technology, you can install a universal Bluetooth kit, Bluetooth car speaker phones or stereo Bluetooth kits and enjoy the same perks.

If you are still using the Bluetooth technology in your car only to speak to someone on your smartphone while ensuring that you drive safely, you are missing out on the some of the most amazing benefits of having Bluetooth in your car.

Bluetooth in your car allows you to listen to your playlist, audiobooks or podcasts from your mobile devices while on the road without connecting any wires your device to your car. All you need to do is sync your Bluetooth enabled mobile devices to your car’s Bluetooth system.

How to Connect Smartphone to Car Stereo

Connecting your smartphone to your car stereo means you need to pair these two devices. Pairing means establishing a wireless connection between two Bluetooth enabled devices. Once your Bluetooth enabled smartphone is connected to your car stereo, you can access your phone’s playlist and also for making and receiving calls.

How to Connect Smartphone to Car Stereo

How to Connect Smartphone to Car Stereo

What You Need to Do


Enable the Bluetooth function of your car stereo. Is some car stereo systems, the Bluetooth is the default setting. In some car stereo systems, you will need to press the Bluetooth button to establish Bluetooth connectivity.

In most car stereo systems, press the phone button, press OK and Bluetooth pairing of your smartphone and stereo system has been establish. Consult your car manual for more details.


Enable Bluetooth connection on your smartphone. The procedure is basically the same for iOS and Android devices. For some special instructions, refer to your smartphones’ manual.


Press Settings on the Home Screen of your smartphone.


Slide or tap the Bluetooth switch to ON.


Press the Scan button so the smartphone can search for your car’s stereo system.


Press on your car stereo from among the list of available Bluetooth enabled devices that appear within the range of your smartphone.


Confirm the pairing of your smartphone and stereo system. In some instances, you may have to confirm the pairing request on both your smartphone and car stereo.


Consult your car stereo manual for its Bluetooth pairing code. In some car stereo systems, the Bluetooth pairing code is displayed on the screen of the car stereo. If you could not find the Bluetooth pairing code on the car manual or it is not displayed on the stereo screen, try “0000” or “1234.” These are the most commonly used Bluetooth pairing codes.


When prompted, enter the Bluetooth pairing code of your car stereo.


Your smartphone and car stereo is now connected. You can now listen to your smartphone playlist in your car stereo.

YouTube Video: Easy Ways to Connect Phone to Car Stereo / Radio

How to Connect to Your Car’s Bluetooth Hands-free Feature to Play Music from Smartphone

If your car has a hands-free Bluetooth feature for calling, you can also set it up to play music through Bluetooth. It is important that your car has the hands-free feature for calling so better check your owner’s manual.

What You Need to Do


Since you are already able to make hands-free calls from the Bluetooth feature of your car, it is assumed that your smartphone has already been paired with your car.

If you are still not using the hands-free Bluetooth feature of your car this is how to do hands-free calling though Bluetooth in your car.

  • Switch on the Bluetooth device in your phone.
  • Scan your phone for available Bluetooth devices and select the Hands-free Bluetooth device of your car. 
  • Enter the password of your car’s Bluetooth device. Check your car manual for this or enter “0000.”
  • Tap connect.
  • Your phone is now connected to the hands-free for calling feature of your car.


Make a call to test to check that the hands-free feature of your car has been really paired with your phone.


Download and install a sound routing app. You can use the Mono Bluetooth Router free app to route your music from your smartphone through the hands-free Bluetooth calling system of your car.


Switch on the sound routing app in your phone. Open any app such as YouTube or your phone’s playlist.


Choose the music you want to play. Your car stereo will stop playing to give way to music coming from your phone,

How does it work? Each time you switch on the sound routing app, your car will think that you are trying to make a call. The hands-free calling feature will stop your car stereo and start playing the music you chose from your phone.

How to Connect Smartphone to Car Stereo with no Bluetooth Capability

You have an old car with a car stereo that well, obviously does not have Bluetooth capabilities. You however want to be able to listen to music from your smartphone on your car stereo and make hands-free calls using the speakers of your car.

As long as your car stereo has an aux-in port you can add an aux kit like The Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit to add Bluetooth to your car. With this kit you can music from your smartphone and make hands-free phone calls.

How to Use the Bluetooth Car Kit

  1. Stick the Anker SoundSync Drive Bluetooth Receiver to the dashboard of your car (it comes with adhesive backing).
  2. Plug the auxiliary cable to your car stereo or car lighter. The kit also comes with a USB cable but if you have an old car it probably does not have a USB port. 
  3. Press and pair this Bluetooth device with your smartphone.

Your old car now has Bluetooth capabilities to make hands-free calls and you can listen to music from your smartphone on your car stereo.

YouTube Video: How to Hook up iPad to Car Radio w/o Bluetooth or Aux

There are various ways to connect your smartphone with Bluetooth feature to your car’s stereo system. The best method to use depends on the kind of car stereo and speaker system you have in your car.

Being able to listen to your playlist from your smartphone will make traveling more enjoyable. You do not need to be dependent on what the radio plays. The two ways on how to play music through Bluetooth in car are easy to set-up.

I prefer pairing my smartphone with my car stereo system using my car’s hands-free feature. How about you? Share with us some of your thoughts about this article on the comments section.

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