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Question: Are Nitto Trail Grapplers heavy?

The first thing we noticed was that there is some heft to these tires. The 35-inch Trail Grapplers are also a little bigger and wider than most 35s. At 78 pounds apiece they are about 10 pounds heavier than a typical 35×12. 50R17.

How much does a 35 Nitto Trail Grappler weight?

The 35X12. 50R17 Nitto Trail Grappler M/T has a diameter of 34.84″, a width of 13.19″, mounts on a 17″ rim and has 597 revolutions per mile. It weighs 79.9 lbs, has a max load of 3195 lbs, a maximum air pressure of 65 psi, a tread depth of 21/32″ and should be used on a rim width of 8.5-11″.

How much does a 37 Nitto Trail Grappler weight?

83.8 pounds

Manufacturer ‎Nitto
Brand ‎Nitto
Model ‎Trail Grappler M/T
Item Weight ‎83.8 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎37 x 37 x 12.5 inches

How much does a Nitto Ridge grappler weight?

50R20 Nitto Ridge Grappler has a diameter of 34.76″, a width of 12.52″, mounts on a 20″ rim and has 598 revolutions per mile. It weighs 73.5 lbs, has a max load of 3640 lbs, a maximum air pressure of 80 psi, a tread depth of 18.3/32″ and should be used on a rim width of 8.5-11″.

What ply are Nitto Trail Grapplers?

The tread design was well suited for packed dirt and its 7-ply tread construction meant it should survive heavy use over the crushed gravel commonly used on private roads in rural parts of the United States.

Is Nitto a good brand?

Nitto tires are a strong choice for performance tires, and the manufacturer offers other high-quality specialty models as well. Overall, we rate Nitto 4.0 out of 5.0 stars for its tire variety, affordability, and wide selection.

What PSI should Nitto Trail Grapplers?

According to the formula I should be running my tires at 40 psi and not 45 psi. I will be adjusting my air pressure and see how it goes. Ironically another truck similar in size to mine in the parking lot here at work is running my same tire and size and those are set to 40 psi.

How many miles are Nitto Trail Grapplers rated for?

I’ve had these tires for 60,000 Miles now and still have tread for atleast another 20,000 some of the best wear on a M/T that i’ve seen….Helpful Resources.

Dry 4.0
Comfort 4.0
Noise 4.0
Treadwear 4.0

Are Nitto tires quiet?

This ultra quiet tire is engineered with advanced sound analysis equipment that systematically reduces noise levels. When compared to the Mud Grappler, mentioned above, this tire is 34% quieter at street speeds and 36% quieter at highway speeds.

Do Nitto Ridge grapplers last long?

They can provide an excellent tread life of about 40,000 to 50,000 miles. There are reviews about the ridge grappler tires from their owners that they run 20,000 to 30,000 miles without any complaint. Ridge grappler lives up to almost all the features a good tire must-have.

Are Nitto Trail Grapplers good in snow?

They can work well in deep snow and deep slush at times but extra slippery surfaces are another story. That said, if you want to run the Trail Grappler I’d recommend siping them. This will give them better traction this winter and you’ll still have the look you want.

Who makes Trail Grapplers?

Nitto Trail Grappler M/T Features

And if you find yourself wondering if a mud terrain can drive comfortably on paved roads, we have the answer. With a 3D computer-simulated tread pattern, Nitto was able to ensure that the Trail Grappler MT is quiet at street and highway speeds.

How wide are 33X12 50R20?

The 33X12. 50R20 Nitto Ridge Grappler has a diameter of 32.76″, a width of 12.52″, mounts on a 20″ rim and has 634 revolutions per mile.

How much do 35 inch Nitto Ridge grapplers weigh?

73.6 pounds

Manufacturer ‎NITTO
Brand ‎Nitto
Model ‎Ridge Grappler
Item Weight ‎73.6 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎35 x 13 x 35 inches

How many ply is Nitto Ridge grappler?

Additional information

Tire Brand Nitto
Tire Width 65mm
Wheel Size 18″
Load Range F
Ply Rating 12

Are Toyo and Nitto the same company?

nitto and toyo are part of the same parent company, and most of their tires use the same carcass for the tires with different sidewall and tread…

Where are Nitto Tyres made?

In short, Nitto tires are made in Japan and outsourced sites around the world. They are then supplied to the different subsidiaries. Nitto Tires is a subsidiary of the Toyo Tire and Rubber Company, which was founded in Japan.

How much are Nitto Grapplers?

Compare with similar items

This item Nitto Trail Grappler M/T all_ Season Radial Tire-35X12.50R20/10 121Q Nitto Mud Grappler All-Terrain Radial Tire -35X12.50R20/10 121Q
Price $49800 $486.00$486.00
Item Dimensions 35.04 x 13.39 x 35.04 inches 35.04 x 13 x 35.04 inches
Item Weight 79.37 lbs 80.60 lbs

Why are Nitto tires so heavy?

They are a heavy tire because of the terrain they’re designed to handle. They are also considered a “hybrid” tire. Meaning they’re a cross between an all terrain and mud tire.

What company owns Nitto?

Toyo Tire Holdings of Americas Inc. (TTHA) is the wholly-owned North American subsidiary of Toyo Tire Corporation of Osaka, Japan. Headquartered in Cypress, California, TTHA and its group companies manufacture, import, sell and distribute Toyo and Nitto brand tires in the U.S. and Canada.

How long should Nitto tires last?

While most tires will need replacement before they are 10 years old, Nitto recommends that any tires in service 10 years or more from the date of manufacture, including spare tires, be replaced with new tires even if such tires appear serviceable and even if they have not reached the legal wear limit.

At what PSI will a tire explode?

The standard tire is inflated to about 30 to 35 pounds per square inch. Under hot weather and highway conditions, the temperature of the air inside the tire rises about 50 degrees. That increases the pressure inside the tire about 5 psi. The burst pressure of a tire is about 200 psi.

Is 35 psi too high?

Higher pressure generally is not dangerous, as long as you stay well below the “maximum inflation pressure.” That number is listed on each sidewall, and is much higher than your “recommended tire pressure” of 33 psi, Gary. So, in your case, I’d recommend that you put 35 or 36 psi in the tires and just leave it there.

Do bigger tires need more PSI?

If you have two different sized balloons holding the same amount of air, the smaller balloon would have higher pressure than the larger balloon. Therefore, a larger tire needs less pressure than a smaller tire to carry the same vehicle weight.

Are Nitto Trail Grapplers good on highway?

To counteract the irritating road noise typically associated with off-road tires, Nitto’s engineers used advanced sound equipment to systematically reduce noise levels. According to Nitto, the Trail Grappler M/T is 34% quieter at street speeds and 36% quieter at highway speeds than the Mud Grappler.

How long do Nitto Grappler tires last?

How many miles do Nitto Terra Grapplers last? You should expect between 60,000 and 80,000 miles from these tires. Of course, everyone’s driving style and frequency will change how many miles you actually get out of them. As well, keeping your tires properly balanced and pressurized will help reduce the wear over time.

When should I replace my Nitto Terra Grappler?


When the tread is worn down to one-sixteenth of an inch, the tire is worn out and it is time to replace it. Built-in tread wear indicators, or “wear bars,” which look like narrow strips of smooth rubber across the tread, will appear on the tire when that point of wear is reached.

How are Nitto Ridge grapplers in rain?

Ridge Grapplers do great in the dry and are super quiet on the road as well. However, my snow experience and the lack of wet weather traction outweighed that. I switched to the BFG k02 and love them on the truck. Great in the snow and better in the wet.

Are Nitto Ridge grapplers 3 peak rated?

It is made up of a more durable compound than any of our Grappler tires which allows it to resist the effects of colder temperatures. The tread pattern is also designed to provide traction in those conditions as well. It is the only of our Grappler tires with a 3 peak mountain snowflake rating.”

Are Nitto tires loud?

Registered. The Nitto Trail Grapplers are quiet, eventually their loudness will increase with miles, i’ve ran them before in other vehicles, and now i have them in the Jeep (5k miles already), they will start to get noisier by about 20k miles or so, before that, they’re surprisingly quiet for a tire with such footprint …