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Question Are the 045 BBC heads any good?

the “045” heads are more of a smog/truck head. Good for low end torque, but not much in the high rpm HP department, but still a fairly decent head.

What degree are standard BBC heads?

A factory big-block Chevy head has 26-degree intake valves canted 4 degrees, and 17-degree exhaust valves canted 4 degrees.

Are 781 BBC heads good?

The 781 heads are the best cast iron large oval port heads GM ever produced for the big block Chevy engine. They are worth rebuilding and respond well to pocket porting, bowl blending and larger valves. They will easily support over 500 horsepower. They are a very desirable street head.

Are BBC heads interchangeable?

The only OEM blocks with these bosses were the rare ZL1 aluminum blocks, but many modern aftermarket blocks have this added feature. Mark IV, Gen V and Gen VI heads all have the same head bolt pattern, but they are not interchangeable due to different water jacket cooling passages.

Who makes Big Chief heads?

These Big Chief cylinder heads from Dart put Pro Stock technology within the reach of every racer and engine builder.

What are peanut port heads?

For the uninitiated, peanut port refers to the small, oval-port heads used on the Gen-V 454 truck motors run prior to the introduction of the Gen VI in 1996.

Are 781 heads open or closed chamber?

Are 781 heads open or closed chamber? The ‘781 is the best choice for a 396 because it has the smallest open combustion chamber to help with static compression.

Will 454 heads fit on a 396?

For example, tossing a set of 454 open-chamber heads on a 396 could radically reduce the compression ratio because of the roughly 10cc larger chamber on a short-stroke engine. Production big-blocks all the way into the mid ’90s were always flat tappet camshaft engines.

Are all big block Chevy parts interchangeable?

Chevy Big-Block Engine Parts Interchange includes hundreds of factory part numbers, RPOs, and detailed color photos covering all generations of the Chevy big-block engine. Every component is detailed, from crankshafts and rods to cylinder heads and intakes.

Will 502 heads fit on a 454?

When you go to a dart or afr that is when you run inot exhaust port height problems. A new set of headers will fix you right up in that case. The generation of your 454 could have an impact on the 502 heads fitting. Most gen 6 454 and 502 parts seem to interchange.

Does Big Chief build engines?

With our cast-on ported Edelbrock heads and ALLPONTIAC solid aluminum blocks, this Big Chief is built on a brand new 1939 Beaver 521 engine.

Which is better open or closed chamber heads?

Open and closed chamber cylinder heads differ in combustion chamber capacity. Although open chamber cylinders offer easier flow, the closed chamber cylinder is better for performance. Compression ratios are also affected by the size of the chambers.

Are peanut port heads good?

These heads work great for towing and strong street performance vehicles. If you are after 600+ hp then the rectangle port heads are best. The oval heads are designed for lower rpm’s up to 5,500 and provide more torque and hp at the lower range.

How much horsepower can a 454 make?

How Much Hp Can A Stock 454 Block Handle? In other words, a 454 can handle almost 600 HP (454 x 1.16).