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Question: How do you get cable out of a come-along?

Releasing Tension on a Harbor Freight Come-Along | Quick Tip

Is a come-along a cable puller?

A similar tool to a come-along is a cable puller, which does not have a drum and ratchet but directly grips the cable, allowing unlimited lengths of wire rope to be used.

What is the proper name for a come-along?

A come along (also called a wire rope hand ratchet puller) is a manual device that can make moving heavy loads by hand possible.

What are cable come alongs used for?

Come-alongs are often used to pull ships’ mooring lines. These tools are used for pulling joints together, for straightening heavy panels while putting them in place, as safety ties, and for pulling the frame of a new construction together during its raising.

How do you use a come-along to tighten a fence?

Grasp the lever on top of the come-along with one hand and support the base of the come-along with the other. Push the lever in the direction of the post you are attaching the wire to. Continue moving the lever until it gets tight, then turn it an additional one or two times.

How do you use a Comealong to pull up a tree?

Attach one end of a come-along to a stationary object within 25 feet — the usual length of come-along cables — of the root. One possibility is to wrap a chain around a tree and attach the come-along to the chain. Another is to position your car near the root and attach the come-along to the tow hitch.

What can I use a come along for?

How to Use a Come Along

What is cable puller?

A cable puller, aka cable tugger, is used to pull cable through a conduit. Rope, which is lighter and more flexible than cable, is manually pulled through the conduit, then tied to one end of the cable being pulled. With one person guiding the cable, the electric cable puller does all of the hard work.

How much does a come along weigh?

Technical Details

Manufacturer ‎JABETC
Item Weight ‎13.9 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎27.99 x 5.59 x 4.41 inches
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‎No
Manufacturer Part Number ‎Na

How does a chain come-along work?

Come Along Tool Basic

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What is the mechanical advantage of a come along?

A come along has a built in 1:1 mechanical advantage but when the block pulley is used, a 2:1 mechanical advantage is created. One problem when using the block for a 2:1 mechanical advantage is the amount of cable needed. A 2:1 mechanical advantage uses nearly double the amount of cable that the 1:1 setup uses.

How long is the cable on a come along?

12 ft.

Product: Come-Along
Cable Length: 12 ft.
Cable Lift: 12 ft.
Cable Diameter: 3/16″
Leverage: 15:1

How do you use a fence post puller?

How It Works

  1. If you’re working in soft soil, you’ll need a board to support the base of the puller.
  2. Lift the handle up so that the jaws completely open.
  3. Push down on the handle so that the jaw clamps the post or stake and starts pulling it out of the ground.

How do you use a wire fence puller?

Woven Wire Fence Stretcher

How do you make a 2×4 fence puller?


How do you cut a tree with ropes?

How to Cut Down a Tree : Tying a Rope Anchor when Tree Felling

How do you winch a tree?

How do you winch a tree?

  1. Establish an area where you plan for the tree to fall.
  2. Attach the winch securely to a solid part of the tree two-thirds of the way up the trunk.
  3. Stretch the cable about twice the height of the tree in the direction you want it to fall.
  4. Tighten the winch to pull the tree in the direction you want it to fall.

How do you use a 2 ton puller?

How to Use Cable Pullers and Come Alongs – Tyler Tool

What is used to proof and clean a conduit?

Mandrels are used to prove the integrity of installed conduit runs. They will also remove small amounts of debris that may be in the conduit.

What is the most important consideration when planning a large wire pull?

What is the most important consideration when planning a large wire pull? The proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and safety requirements for the job.

What does the letter R stand for with regard to insulation coding?

XHHW wiring. control and communications wiring. What does the letter R stand for with regard to insulation coding? Rubber. When conductors are installed where the ambient temperature is above _______________ the conductor ampacity must be reduced proportionally with the increase in temperature.

How far can a come along pull?

A standard come along usually has only about a 7- to 10-foot pull length. That means your anchor point needs to be relatively close to your towing object, or another length of strap or cable will be necessary.

How much do a come along cost?

Compare Similar Winches

current product Top Rated
Steel Core Maasdam
4-Ton Come-Along Cable Puller Hand Winch with Single or Double Hook Assembly 2,000 lb. 1-Ton Capacity 12 ft. Max Lift 15:1 Leverage Winch Puller Come Along Tool with 12 ft. of Cable Included
$2999 $2998
(58) (137)

Are hand winches any good?

Hand winches are like bicycles in that respect: independent of fuel other than muscle power, but tiring for the uninitiated to operate. Nonetheless, a hand winch is a very useful backup to a power winch and essential kit for solo-vehicle, off the beaten track travellers.