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Question: What degree is an inverted flare fitting?

Inverted Flare Hydraulic Tube Fittings

Seats and threads are internal and protected. Short nut (available in brass or steel) allows very close tube bends. Working pressure: up to 2,000 psi depending on tube size. Temperature range: -65°F to +250°F at maximum operating pressures.

What is inverted flare thread?

What’s inverted flare? Inverted Flare Hydraulic Fittings are widely used in hydraulic brake, power steering, fuel lines and transmission cooler lines. Inverted flare fittings are inexpensive and reusable. Inverted flare provides excellent vibration resistance. Seats and threads are internal and protected.

What is SAE inverted flare?

These tube nuts, connectors, and adapters are all designed for use with standard 3/16″ or 1/4″ automotive brake line tubing. They are appropriate for use on all automotive brake and clutch hydraulic systems.

How do you measure a flare fitting?

Female connections are usually measured by inserting the gauge into the connection and placing it on the sealing surface. If the centrelines of the connection and gauge are parallel, the correct angle has been determined. Male flare type connectors are usually measured by placing the gauge on the sealing surface.

Is inverted flare same as double flare?

It’s called inverted because the adapters are female and the nuts on the lines are male. DOUBLE flare has nothing to do with the types of fittings or inverted or SAE. Double flare means you make a “double fold” with the tool. This folds the raw edge of the line in like a cuff on your pants to prevent it from splitting.

How does an inverted flare fitting work?

The first is the inverted double flare, used by most domestic production cars and trucks. It uses a 45* double flare to seal, which has tubing that is folded over into itself before flaring outward. On the right, is a 37* single flared line with a tube sleeve and coupler that allows you to adapt to AN fittings.

What is 3/16 inverted flare?

This is a standard tube nut for 3/16″ brake tubing. The outside has 3/8-24 SAE threads all the way to the end, and the inside is contoured to fit a standard SAE 45 degree inverted (double) flare on common 3/16″ or 4.75mm steel brake tubing.

How is inverted flare measured?

Thread O.D. Measuring Metric Threads: Measure the O.D. of the threads and the crest to crest distance (pitch) in millimeters between threads.

How do you make an inverted flare?

How to make an inverted flare brake line end for the flare nut to seal …

Can I use a double flare instead of a bubble flare?

Can you use a bubble flare instead of a double flare? The simple answer is no. The line and port are completely different and will not come close to sealing. When doing brake lines, you need to determine what type of flare you need for your car.

How do flare fittings seal?

Design: The 37° flare AN seal is used for sealing tubing to end connections. It requires the end of the tube to have a nut slipped onto it and then flared out using a special tool. To seal properly, the nut is threaded into a flare fitting which clamps the flared tube in between the nut and flare fitting.

How do I use a double flare tool?

How to | Double Flare a Brake Line

What size is SAE 6?

SAE 45° Flare (SAE J512)

Inch size Dash size Male Thread O.D. (in)
3⁄16 -3 3⁄8
1⁄4 -4 7⁄16
5⁄16 -5 1⁄2
3⁄8 -6 5⁄8

What size is 6 an fitting?

Plumbing Basics – AN Fittings & Hoses

AN Size Hose i.d. – Tube o.d. SAE Thread Size
-4 1/4 in. 7/16 in.-20
-5 5/16 in. 1/2 in.-20
-6 3/8 in. 9/16 in.-18
-8 1/2 in. 3/4 in.-16

What are the dimensions of a 3/8 flare fitting?

2) Compare measurements to chart below. For example, a 3/8” male flare has an actual outside diameter of 5/8”.

Will single flare work on brake lines?

Single Flares are only acceptable on low-pressure lines, but not acceptable for high-pressure brake systems. A single flare is just as it sounds, the line is flared out just once in a conical shape. Single flares are not acceptable for brake lines and tend to crack and leak quite easily.

Are brake lines 37 or 45 degree flares?

Original equipment brake line with an inverted flare (i.e. Mustang brake lines) uses a 45° double flare (SAE standard). 37° single flare is ONLY for AN fittings. If AN fittings are used, only STEEL AN fittings are acceptable for brake lines. correct!

How do you make a double flare fitting?

How To Make a Double Flare

Are propane fittings NPT?

Hose Coming Out of Regulator The hose coming out of your regulator and bringing propane to your appliances will usually have a 3/8″ NPT fitting. The female end is located on the regulator, and the male end is located on the supply hose.

What is the difference between single flare and double flared?

A single flare line has only one lip that is not folded over. A single flare line looks much like a double flare, but it has only one lip that is not folded over. It can fit in the socket where double flare fits but is not used in the braking system.

Is a standard flare a double flare?

Brake Line Flare Guide

How do you determine your fitting size?

Place the outside edge of the pipe or fitting on the “0” line. The line on the opposite edge gives the pipe size. To Measure Fittings with Female (Internal) Threads: Align the top of the threads on the “0” line.

How do you determine NPT fitting size?

To determine the NPT size, with a caliper, measure the diameter of the 2nd or 3rd thread on your pipe, fitting or valve as shown below. Find the caliper measurement in the chart and cross reference the nominal NPT pipe size. Don’t get confused, the actual measurement is not the same as the NPT pipe size.

How do you measure an air coupler?

Using a ruler or vernier, measure across the outside diameter of a male or hose tailpiece thread or measure the inside diameter of a female thread. If the thread measures 0.5″ it is not a 1/2″ BSP thread.

How do you make a bubble flare with a double flare tool?

Make a Bubble Flare with a Double Flare Kit

How do you join a copper brake pipe?

How to connect brake lines with new fittings &amp
a union

What is a double flare tool?

OTC’s No. 4503 Double Flaring Kit is designed to make double or single flares in copper, aluminum, and brass tubing as well as soft steel brake line tubing. Chrome plated alloy steel swivel reduces friction and helps ensure a smooth, even flare.