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Question: What is the difference between a mini spool and full spool?

Mini spools are designed to be installed in an existing open differential and are used to replace the side gears and spider gears. They also lock both axles in place so that they both put power to the ground with equal torque and traction. Many weekend racers use mini spools as a lower-cost alternative to a full spool.

Can mini spool be used on street?

You can,. if you dont drive that far or that often. Most tires are not the the same size. One tire will wear out faster than the other.

Is a mini spool good?

A mini spool is less expensive than a full spool. Since it swaps in place of the spider gears and side gears installation is easier, faster, and cheaper than a full spool.

Can you remove a mini spool?

As long as the carrier case is good (meaning no damage from possible previous broken spider gears where the gears seat in the case) then yes you can remove the mini spool and reinstall std spider gears.

How does a mini spool diff work?

Mini Spools: What are they? Will it work for me?

What does a full spool diff do?

A full spool replaces the entire factory differential case with a solid unit and locks both axles together. This is most usually done in fairly powerful drag cars because they only have to travel in straight lines.

What is a drag spool?

Drag Racing Spools. A spool is one solid part that replaces all components of a differential. Spools fit in Drag Racing Rear Ends. A drag racing spool will always turn both axles at the same speed with an equal amount of force. Due to the simplistic design, it is much stronger and lighter than any differential.

What are spool gears?

Spools. A spool is carrier setup that turns both wheels on an axle the same speed as the ring gear. Spools are lousy on pavement because there is no differential action, and they eat tires (especially if you ever turn corners .

What is an automotive spool?

A spool is basically a steel collar that splines both axleshafts together with a flange to bolt the ring gear onto. Very simple to be sure, but this differential replacement is too hard-core for 99 percent of street-driven 4x4s.

What is Posi Trac?

“Positraction” is the trade name General Motors gave its limited slip differential units (positive traction) in GM and Chevrolet vehicles in the late 1950s. The term Positraction describes the mechanism that provides drivers with more traction control of their cars than they get with an open differential.

How do you install a mini spool 9 inch Ford?

Demolition Derby Tech (installing a mini spool in a Ford 9″ Rear End …

Is a limited slip differential the same as Positraction?

The limited-slip differential is similar to the positraction differential, but allows the wheel with traction to have only a limited amount of greater power than the wheel that is slipping. This is beneficial in hard-corner turning.

How do you take the axles out of a Ford 9 inch?


What is a Truetrac diff Centre?

The Detroit Truetrac is a helical-gear style, limited-slip differential that maximizes wheel traction and enhances driving characteristics. Maintenance-free, it features smooth, automatic operation in forward and reverse. Its versatility makes Detroit Truetrac the ideal traction solution for almost any type of vehicle.

What does a rear diff locker do?

Known also as diff-lock or locker, it is a modification to the standard automotive differential. Its purpose is to restrict each of the two wheels on an axle to the same rotational speed regardless of the traction available to each wheel.

What is a welded diff?

A welded differential keeps both of the back wheels on the car spinning at the same speed, but since the wheel on the outside is typically spinning faster than the inner wheel in a turn or corner, keeping both wheels spinning at the same rate will cause the inner wheel to lose traction and skip, making oversteer easier …

What are spool lockers?

A spool replaces the differential carrier, locking the axle shafts together. Locking the axles provides maximum traction for off road use. Not recommended for use on the pavement. For use only in rear axle, use in the front will limit turning ability.

What is open carrier rear end?

A standard differential, or what is referred to as an open carrier, is what comes OEM on many vehicles. This is what holds the ring and pinion in place and gives the vehicle it’s final drive ratio. It is responsible for transmitting power from the driveshafts to the vehicles wheels to ultimatly make it move.

Are spools good for drag racing?

For a dedicated drag car that goes in a straight line it’s pretty much a no-brainer that a spool is the way to go. With torque applied equally to both rear wheels, it makes for optimum acceleration potential.

Is a locked diff good for drag racing?

With a locked diff it more helps in off roading/bashing and drag racing.

How much does a Detroit Locker cost?

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What does a spool valve look like?

Rotary spool valves

A rotary spool valve consists of the fixed tubular sleeve, within which is rotating X shaped piece called the core. The function of this valve is similar to a revolving door, with each bend of the core functioning as a portal for hydraulic fluid to leave and enter the valve.

How are spool valves controlled?

Whatever the method is chosen to control the valve, all that we are doing is simply pushing the spool to move within the housing, and by doing this we are allowing or blocking the path between the ports.

How do spool valves work?

Working of a Spool Valve

A spool valve has a cylinder inside a sealed outer case. Several chambers are drilled through the case from one side to the other to form ports. The spool moves within the sealed case. This movement ensures the opening and closing of these ports depending on the spool position.