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Question: What is the strongest synthetic winch rope?

Superline® XD. Comprised of the high strength Superline® as its core and a Dyneema overbraided cover for unrivaled abrasion resistance, the Superline® XD is the ultimate synthetic winch line. The overbraided cover makes it the most durable winch line available.

Is synthetic winch rope good?

Synthetic rope is a great product for many vehicle recovery situations. If you winch a lot and are concerned about weight, synthetic can be a great option since it is lightweight and easy to handle. It doesn’t develop sharp burrs like steel rope, and doesn’t store as much potential energy when under load.

What kind of rope do you use for a winch?

For as long as winching has been around, the industry standard has been aircraft-grade steel cable, which is more durable than synthetic rope, but comes at the expense of weight and strength.

What size cable is on a Badlands 12000 winch?

0.375-inch diameter

Badland Winch Specs
Cable: 0.375-inch diameter, 100 feet
Cable nominal strength: 14,400 pounds
Dimensions: 20.9 x 6.4 x 8.3 in
Mounting Pattern: 10.0 x 4.5 in

What is a Hawse fairlead?

Hawse Fairleads are a simple, straight forward guide for the rope to the winch drum. They protect and reduce wear on the rope and at the same time protect the winch from unneccessary damage. Aluminum Hawse Fairleads: recommended for synthetic ropes.

How often should I replace my synthetic winch rope?

Assuming your rope is in good working condition, 10 years is usually the suggested replacement period. A good rule of thumb is to assume that your synthetic rope will lose approximately 1.5-2% of its rated capacity every year.

How long will synthetic winch rope last?

How long will synthetic winch rope last? The short answer is synthetic ropes can last 10 years, but with heavy use, getting a year or two out of a rope is pretty good.

Can you use a roller fairlead with synthetic rope?

The steel rollers on a conventional roller fairlead are not compatible to synthetic rope As they can cause chafing and abrasion. Most rope manufacturers recommend using an aluminum Hawse-type fairlead.

Can you put synthetic rope on any winch?

conventional synthetic rope is fine for our winches when used in the forward ‘In’ winching direction. No heat is generated from the brake in that direction.

What type of fairlead do you use with synthetic rope?

Aluminum fairleads are only used with synthetic winch rope. To sum up: Steel roller and hawse fairleads can be used with steel winch cable or synthetic winch rope. Aluminum hawse fairleads can be used with synthetic winch rope.

How do you size a winch rope?

What about the correct size winch rope length? The “Rule of Thumb” we go by is for every size up in diameter over the original size winch cable or rope, you reduce the length by 15 feet. This allows you to run the larger, stronger size diameter rope while still maintaining the pulling power of the winch.

Does synthetic winch rope stretch?

Unlike the steel, the synthetic lines have minimal stretch and store little energy. If you are winching a vehicle and a steel cable were to break it would snap back similar to a bungee cord and could potentially cause serious injury, vehicle damage or even death.

Can you put synthetic rope on Badlands winch?

The Badlands Apex 12k winch comes with a 3/8″ synthetic rope. Buy one from Harbor Freight it will be the Badlands brand so shouldn’t need any different parts to change over.

What size wire do I need for a 12000 lb winch?

4/0 is the correct sized wire for a 12,000 lb winch drawing 360 amps, for any sized run, but the Winch manufactures still use 2-gauge which is not even close.

How many amps does a 12k winch draw?

Table: Amp Draw vs. Load

Winch 0 lbs 12000 lbs
Warn VR EVO 12-S 65 457
Warn VR12 65 457
Smittybilt Gen2 XRC Comp 12000 65 400
Smittybilt Gen2 XRC 12000 65 400

Why do you need a hawse fairlead?

Hawse fairleads give you a slightly better approach angle since they stick out a little less from your bumper. Type III anodized coatings on aluminum fairleads are the only coating that will last “forever”. Powdercoat, galvanized, and polished finishes will eventually wear through and will rust/oxidize.

Do I need a roller fairlead?

If you have a winch, you need to have a fairlead. It doesn’t matter what type of bumper or winch you have, a fairlead is a must-have piece of off-road recovery gear. Luckily, 9 times out of 10, your winch will come with a fairlead.

Do I need a different fairlead for synthetic rope?

Winch fairleads: myths debunked, pros, cons, do’s, and don’ts. When you purchase a new winch, it usually comes packaged with a fairlead. A winch with wire rope comes with a roller fairlead, and a winch with synthetic rope will have a hawse fairlead.

What is one disadvantage of synthetic fiber rope?

Synthetic fibres have the following disadvantages. Most fabrics made from synthetic fibres require careful ironing as they melt easily. Most fabrics made from synthetic fibres absorb very little moisture. They become sticky when the body sweats, which makes them uncomfortable to wear in hot weather.

How do you maintain synthetic rope?

(There is no use trying to wash it on sand or gravel!) Once the line is laid out, rinse it well with water from a hose. To really get the strands free of dirt and grit, it is best to fill a bucket with water and some mild soap and run the entire length of the winch line through the water.

How much synthetic rope fits on a winch?

Sizing a Winch Line to an existing Winch chart

Factory Cable Size Synthetic Option 1
10000 lb 9/25″ x 87′ 3/8″ x 80′
12000 lb 3/8″ x 90′ 3/8″ x 90′
15000 lb 15/32″ x 92′ 7/16″ x 100′
4000 lb 7/32″ x 55′ 1/4″ x 50′

Can you use a snatch block with synthetic winch cable?

Any block can be used with synthetic provided… 1) The sheave has no burrs. 2) The groove in the sheave is sized appropriately for the diameter rope being used.

How do you protect a synthetic winch rope?

Synthetic winch ropes and abrasion sleeves are the best of friends. When you have to put the cable against something that could rub the line while under tension, a sliding abrasion sleeve will keep it from being damaged. Many premium winch ropes come with a non-removable sleeve already installed.

How often should you run your winch?

For most of us, you’ll want to aim at servicing your winch every 12 months, giving it a birthday as it were, or if you use it every other weekend, every six months might be a better idea. There’s a whole lot more you can do to your winch than just running the rope out once a month.

What is the use of fairlead?

A fairlead is a device to guide a line, rope or cable around an object, out of the way or to stop it from moving laterally. Typically a fairlead will be a ring or hook.

Should you grease a winch cable?

While the cable may look healthy on the outside, the inner core may be significantly weakened due to rust and corrosion. This is why it’s important to use a dedicated winch cable lubricant that deeply protects the cable from the inside out.

How do you install synthetic rope on a winch?

How To: Install and Pretension a Synthetic Winch Rope

How do you Respool a winch?

Why and How To Respool Your Winch Line