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Question: What motor is in a 05 Duramax?

How do I know if I have LLY or LB7?

If the 8th digit of your VIN number is a 1, then it is a LB7 Duramax (the early engine). If the 8th digit is a 2, then it is a LLY.

Is a 2005 Duramax a lly?

LLY is the code used for Duramax motors used in 2004.5 and 2005 HD trucks. Although they introduced improvements from the 2001-2004 on the LB7 motor, there are a few essential upgrades every owner should consider. (That is assuming an LLY owner would want more power, lower EGT’s and better efficiency.)

What problems do the LLY Duramax have?

The most common issues LLY owners encounter include decreased fuel mileage, overheating and poor turbo response. These symptoms result from the inlet mouthpiece of the Garrett turbocharger having to fit into a smaller engine space.

What year is the LLY Duramax?

When the LLY Duramax V8 debuted midway through the 2004 model year, it had an SAE-certified output rating of 310 horsepower and 520 pound-feet of torque, with the latter growing by 85 to 605 pounds of twist for the 2006 model year.GM 6.6 Liter LLY V-8 Duramax Turbo Diesel Engine.

Displacement: 6.6L / 403 cu. in.
Assembly: Moraine, Ohio, USA

Is the LLY Duramax a good motor?

While previous injector issues were laid to rest with the LLY, the common-rail injection system still had a few minor quirks, along with the injection system still being void of a factory lift pump. But even though it tends to be viewed as the least desirable in the Duramax lineage, the LLY was a very solid engine.

Which is better LLY or LBZ?

there are no difference from the lly to lbz engine wise and transmission wise its exactly the same, the ecm has the tune of a 05 lly with 310hp and not the lbz which is 350hp throw a tuner on there and its not gonna matter.

What does LLY stand for on Duramax?

LLY doesnt stand for anything specific, its just the RPO (regular production order) code that means “Duramax diesel engine”.

How many miles can you get out of a LLY Duramax?

The Duramax engine should last up to 300,000 miles before needing major repairs if you are wondering how long it will last. The number of miles an engine can run depends on how well it was maintained and driven over its lifetime.

How much power can a stock LLY make?

Without engine work, the stock LLY can put out ~500rwhp.

Does LLY Duramax have EGR?

yes lly has the egr, but blocking it is no problem.

Does the lly have a vacuum pump?

no vacuum pump. The only duramax’s that had vacuum pumps were the 02-04 california-emissions LB7’s.

What transmission does a LLY Duramax have?

BD Allison 1000 Transmission 04.5-05 6.6L LLY Duramax.

How much HP does a LLY Duramax have?

6.6L LLY Duramax Specs

Engine Family: 6.6L Duramax diesel (Duramax 6600)
Peak Horsepower: With Allison automatic transmission 310 hp @ 3,000 rpm
With ZF 6 speed manual transmission 300 hp @ 3,000 rpm
w/ LRY power option (Kodiak/TopKick only) 210 hp @ 2,750 rpm
w/ LRX or LPD power option (Kodiak/TopKick only) 300 hp @ 3,000 rpm

Can you put a LBZ in a lly truck?

You can put a LBZ but it will not be a direct drop in without any swapping. You will have to swap out the ECM, 6 speed transmission (05 has the 5 speed and the 06 has the 6 speed.).

Are LBZ and LLY heads the same?

The 06 LLY is exactly the same as a LBZ, except it has a smaller tune.

Is 200 000 miles alot for a Duramax?

Is 200 000 Miles Alot For A Duramax? The trucks Powerstroke, Cummins, and Duramax typically last well over 100,000 miles and are commonly used mostly for towing and hauling. These factors make diesel pickups that have 200,000 miles or even 300,000 more expensive to trade in.

What years did Duramax have problems?

The LBZ is perhaps one of the most desired Duramax engines. It addressed the overheating and blown gasket issues that plague the LLY….We recommend staying away from GM trucks that have the following engines:

  • 2001 – 2004 Duramax LB7.
  • 2004 – 2005 Duramax LLY.
  • 2006 – 2007 Duramax LBZ.
  • 2007 – 2012 Duramax LMM.

What is considered high mileage for a Duramax?

As for what’s considered high mileage for specific diesel engines? According to Prosource Diesel, anything over 350,000-miles is considered high mileage for a used diesel pickup with a Cummins or Duramax engine under its hood. Anything over 350,000-miles is also regarded as high mileage for a Powerstroke diesel engine.