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Quick Answer: Do jeeps need fender flares?

Most states have a legal requirement that fenders and flares must cover the tread of the tire (or in some cases, the full tire) as a lack of covering can easily kick up debris and rocks at other cars when on the road.

Are fender flares necessary?

Fender flares are available in a wide range of styles, colors, and textures to match the look you’re after. This is an important &amp
aesthetically pleasing accessory, one that is legally required in certain instances if you have large tires.

How do you install fender flares on a Jeep Wrangler TJ?

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How wide are factory Jeep TJ fender flares?

The OEM fender flares for the TJ/LJ “SE,” “X” and “Sport” models are 3.25″ wide. The OEM fender flares for the “Sahara,” “Rubicon,” and the special editions that came from the factory with body colored flares are 4.25″ wide.

What is the difference between a fender and a fender flare?

An extended form of the car fenders that gives extra coverage to extra-large tires. They look exactly the same like fender on a car, but fender flares are much bigger than the regular ones.

What are Jeep Wrangler fender flares made of?

Jeep Fender Flares

Both are made from powder-coated aluminum and have a vehicle-specific fit.

Do you have to drill holes for fender flares?

Most fender flares only look bolted: in most cases, no drilling at all is required in installation. Just plug in the year, make, and model of your truck in the online order form and the flares will fit perfect without any alteration to your truck.

Do fender flares cause rust?

Fender flares protect your fenders from the elements, but they do not prevent rust and they may in fact make your fenders more prone to rust.

Why do people get fender flares?

An extension of the Fender that provides additional coverage for heavily offset or oversized wheels and tires. Fender Flares will keep a truck or SUV in compliance with Vehicle Equipment Laws, which lowers the likelihood of Police fines.

How do you take the TJ fenders off a Jeep Wrangler?

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How do you change a fender on a Jeep Wrangler?

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How do you remove fender flares from a Jeep?

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What are fender flares on a Jeep?

Fender flares can really change the way your Wrangler looks, and they can give you room for larger tires as well. Some are even available in different widths to give you full tire coverage to help keep your Jeep street legal, depending on your local tire laws.

What kind of plastic are Jeep fenders made of?

Yes, they are smooth plastic. The unpainted fenders are also plastic but have a textured surface.

How do I choose fender flares?

Choose Your Style

In short, fender flares are typically available in 4 different style buckets: OE Style, Street Style, Pocket / Bolt Style or Extended Style. If you’re looking for a sleek or OE style look, or just want to hide a small amount of rust or fender damage, the OE or Street style may be what you need.

Can Jeep fender flares be painted?

yea, I repainted mine with the same paint that I used on my flares.

How much do Jeep fenders cost?

Depending on the model of jeep, the cost of replacing a fender flare could range from $300 to $500.

Is Bushwacker Made in USA?

Bushwacker Fender Flares – Made In The USA Means Quality.

How much does it cost to have fender flares installed?

A reasonable charge for a set of professionally painted fender flares ranges from $300-400+.

How hard is it to install fender flares?

Most of the fender flares we offer install easily without drilling or cutting. While installation varies slightly from product to product, all of them use either bolts sized specifically for factory holes along the wheel arches, and/or double-sided adhesive.

Will fender flares hide rust?

Just install a set of our custom made fender flares as it is the ultimate coverup for that rust problem! They’re easy to install, and they offer great protection.

Do fender flares ruin paint?

Yes this is a common problem with fender flares. It’s caused by the tiny amount of movement between the flare and the truck. If it ever wears through the paint, it will be a pathway for rust to start, causing the paint to bubble.

What is a pocket fender flare?

Bushwacker Pocket Style® Fender Flares are a Bushwacker original and an off-road icon with their recessed stainless steel bolts and massive presence. These flares are custom designed to complement oversized tires while providing premium tire protection.

Why do trucks have fender flares?

The primary purpose of fender flare is to prevent the rotating wheels and tires to throw particles such as mud, rocks, sand, liquids, and other road substances into the air.

How are fender flares attach?

How to Install Bushwacker Fender Flares

What are wheel opening flares?

Flares are the part of the wheel well that extends out away from the body of your vehicle. Sometimes these are stock, but more often Flares are aftermarket parts. There are four typical reasons why customers are in the market for fender flares: They look freakin’ sweet!

Do fender flares prevent rock chips?

They absolutely protected from rocks.