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Quick Answer: What is a 1 ton axle?

Most trucks that came from the OEM with a Dana 60 in front were paired with a Dana 70 or 14 bolt axle in the rear, and they were both called 1 ton axles. This is most likely because the rear axle in a truck carries more weight than the front (when loaded).

What year XJ has Dana 44?

The rear Dana 44 is optional with other 4×4 models. XJ Cherokee/Wagoneer: 1987-1989 (some say up until 1990) XJ Cherokees with the Tow Package sometimes came with the Dana 44 rear axle.

Does an XJ have solid axles?

All Cherokees(XJ) had solid front axles.

Are XJ and ZJ axles the same?

the internals of the Dana 35 are the same between the XJ and ZJ. The ZJ in 97 will have disk brakes in the back. If you have the 8.25 under your XJ now you already have a strong axle don’t down grade to a Dana 35.

Is a 14 bolt A 1-ton axle?

The 14-Bolt Is The Ford 9-Inch Of 1-Ton Trucks

Every diesel-powered pickup sold in the United States for the last 10 years has a full-floating rear axle.

Is Dana 44 better than 60?

Like we said above, the Dana 60 is the stronger axle. If you want to run big tires or big power you need a Dana 60 axle. At the same time, the Dana 44 is a great axle if you don’t need giant tires or big power. Most people don’t realize how heavy a Dana 60 is and how much unsprung weight affects handling.

Will a ZJ front axle fit in a XJ?

It’ll work.

How can you tell a XJ Dana 44?

How to Identify Which Rear Axle You Have – Jeep Cherokee

What jeeps have Dana 44 axles?

What jeeps have Dana 44 axles?

  • 1967–1973 Jeepster Commando and Commando.
  • 1974–1991 Wagoneer (Passenger side 1974-1979, Driver side 1980-1991)
  • 1974–1983 SJ.
  • Late 1986 CJ-7.
  • 2003–2006 TJ Wrangler Rubicon (Front and rear)
  • 2007-2018 JK Wrangler Rubicon (Front and rear)
  • 2018-2019 JL Wrangler Rubicon (Front and rear)
  • 2020 JT Gladiator (Front and rear)

What axles does a 96 XJ have?

Yep it’s a Dana 30, all XJs came with a Dana 30 front axle. This should give you a general guideline as to what the gear ratio could be. 4.10 – used with 2.5L engine usually, and older XJs with the “Off-Highway Vehicle” package.

What years are XJ?

The Jeep Cherokee (XJ) is a compact sport utility vehicle manufactured and marketed across a single generation by Jeep in the United States from 1983 to 2001 — and globally through 2014. It was available in two- or four-door, five passenger, front engine, rear- or four-wheel drive configurations.

What axle is in my 1998 Jeep XJ?

XJ’s all have a Dana 30 axle in the front.

What jeeps have Dana 30 axles?

The new Jeep® Wrangler JL comes with redesigned Dana axles as standard equipment. The Wrangler Sport and Sahara come with Dana 30™ axles in front and Dana 35™ AdvanTEK® axles in the rear, while the Rubicon comes equipped with Dana 44™ AdvanTEK® axles in front and rear.

What is Dana 30 axle?

The Dana/Spicer Model 30 is an automotive axle manufactured by Dana Holding Corporation. It has been manufactured as a beam axle and independent suspension axle with several versions.

What vehicles have a Dana 35?

The Dana 35 (as well as the AMC-15) is found in a wide variety of vehicles. The most common Dana 35 applications are as a rear axle in the Jeep Cherokee, Jeep Wrangler, and Jeep Comanche and as a front axle in the Ford Explorer and Ford Ranger.

Is a 14 bolt rear end a 1 ton?

GM’s Strong &amp
Plentiful Axle

First appearing in 1973, the 14-bolt is one of the most used rear axles in the General Motors stable. Found under ¾- and 1-ton GM trucks, vans and SUVs, the 14-bolt received a max torque rating of 6,242 pounds.

What is a 14 bolt full floater?

Full-float axles have a tell-tale “axle end” that sticks out from the wheel surface. This is because the wheel hub on a full-float 14-bolt axle will stick out beyond the wheel mounting surface anywhere from about two to four inches. The full-float axle bolts to the end of the hub.

Are all 14 bolt axles the same?

Over the years, there have been millions of 14 bolt axles produced. And, of course, they weren’t all the same. GM 14 bolt axles were available in semi-float and full-float versions, and there are two types of hubs found on 14 bolt axles. Also, two different types of drums were used.

Can a Dana 44 handle 37s?

No problem at all! Get a Dana 44 front, some upgraded axle shafts, and you should be able to handle the 37s fine, as long as you don’t drive it like a complete moron, in which case you can break just about any axle!

How much horsepower can a Dana 60 handle?

Additionally, the Dana 60 (S60) from Strange comes equipped with their beefy 35-spline alloy axles and carrier that can handle over 1,000 horsepower. A vintage Dana 60 like ours with its stock 23-spline axles and clutch-type Sure-Grip is limited to roughly 700 horsepower of sticky tire, strip action.

Is Dana 44 strong?

Dana 44’s are fairly strong, guys seem to like em for 4×4’s. They hold up to a fair bit of bashing and big tires. I think they’re comparable to a 9″ in strength. By the way, a ’90’s explorer had an 8.8″ not a dana.

Do I have a Dana 35 or 44?

There are a few things that can help you tell if the axle is a Dana 35 or a Dana 44. The easiest way to tell these axles apart is to look at the shape of the differential cover. The Dana 35 cover is pretty much perfectly round. The Dana 44 is sort of a six-sided shape.

What does a Dana 44 come in?

The Dana 44 was introduced after World War II and is commonly found under the front and rear of a wide variety of Jeeps, as well as International Harvester, Dodge, Studebaker and Ford trucks, and even under the rear of Isuzu Rodeos and Honda Passports up until the mid-’90s.

How do I know what rear axle I have in my Jeep?

The first thing to do is to identify the axle by cleaning the fill plug on the back cover. Look at the inscription of the plug to find out the style of the rear end. In this example, Rich has a “Dana” style rear end.

How do you tell if you have a Dana 30 or 44?

The quickest way to tell is to look at the top of the steering knuckles where the Front End Housing is connected to the Knuckle. On a Dana 44 Model, you will see a large castle nut threaded onto a ball joint. For Dana 30 Models, you will see a king pin cap with four bolts threaded down into the top of the knuckle.

What’s the difference between a Dana 30 and Dana 44?

The only difference between the JK Dana 30 and Dana 44 is ring gear size, electronic locker, and bigger shafts. (even if she insists shaft size doesn’t matter…) You’re better off just starting with an aftermarket Dana 44 that is a “true 44”.

What’s the difference between a Dana 35 and 44?

The Dana 44 and Dana 35 have been used in many vehicles, but there are clear distinctions between them. The Dana 35 is better used as an all-purpose axle, while the Dana 44 and its 8.5-inch ring gear are great for off-roading. For identification purposes, the shape of the differential cover is a dead giveaway.