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Quick Answer: What size is a 10 mm nut?

What size is a 10 mm nut?

Product details
Diameter: 10mm
Thread pitch: 1.5mm
Width across the flats: 17mm
Width across the flats Min: 16.73mm

What does M10 nut size mean?

If the size is M10 x 25, that would mean that the diameter is 10 mm. Since there is no thread pitch listed, the fastener is assumed to have a coarse thread. The 25 indicated a length of 25 mm. A matching nut would be labeled M10, which also doesn’t require a thread pitch since it’s a course thread fastener.

What is the diameter of a M10 nut?

M10 Hexagon Nuts (DIN 934) – Stainless Steel (A2) Technical Specification

Finish Natural
Nut Width A/F (J) 17mm
Nut Width A/P (P) 19.55mm
Thread Pitch 1.5mm
Thread Size M10 (10mm)

What size hex nut is 10mm?

A: This product is 10mm in thread size, 0.4375 in (11mm) in height. Part# 801736, 1/4 in. -20 Zinc Plated Hex Nut, is about 5mm thick.

Is M10 a 10mm bolt?

M10 (10mm x 16mm) Hex Bolt (Fully Threaded Setscrew) – Stainless Steel (A2) (Pack of 20)

What is a 10 mm in standard?

Metric / Standard Wrench Conversion Chart

Bolt Diameter Metric Standard
3/16″ 10mm 3/8″
1/4″ 11mm 7/16″
5/16″ 13mm 1/2″
3/8″ 14mm 9/16″

What is M10 bolt in inches?

Table 3.

Metric Closest Inch
M8-1.25 5/16-18 (Smaller)
M10-1.5 3/8-16 (Smaller)
M12-1.75 1/2-13 (Larger)
M14-2.0 9/16-12 (Larger)

What size is M10 in MM?


Diameter (d) Pitch Across Flats (s)
M7 1.0mm 11mm
M8 1.25mm 13mm
M10 1.5mm 17mm
M12 1.75mm 19mm

What size is M7 nut?

Dimensions for DIN934 Hex Fullnuts

Diameter Pitch Depth of Nut
M7 1.0mm 5.5mm
M8 1.25mm 6.5mm
M10 1.5mm 8mm
M12 1.75mm 10mm

What size socket fits an M10 bolt?


Size Head Diameter Hexagon Socket Size
M6-1.0 10.50 4.00
M8-1.25 14.00 5.00
M10-1.50 17.50 6.00
M12-1.75 21.00 8.00

How do I know what size nut I have?

Place the end of a measuring tape on one of the flat sides of the nut’s outer perimeter. Stretch the tape measure across the nut’s diameter to the flat-side directly across from the one your pulling from. If the nut is metric, count the number of lines on the tape measure to find the measurement.

What are standard bolt sizes?

US Standard Thread Length for Bolts

Bolt Diameter Standard Thread Length (in.) *
Bolts 6 inches and shorter Bolts longer than 6 inches
1/4″ 3/4″ 1″
5/16″ 7/8″ 1-1/8″
3/8″ 1″ 1-1/4″

Is M8 a 10mm?

M8 (8mm) Thread Size (T) 5.4mm Head Length (H) DIN 933 Manufacturing Standard. 10mm Length (L)

What is M10 thread size?

What is M10 thread size?

Tap size Basic major dia (mm) mm per thread
M8 x 1 8mm 1
M10 x 1.5 10mm 1.5
M10 x 1.25 10mm 1.25
M12 x 1.75 12mm 1.75

What width are M10 bolts?

Metric Hex Bolt Dimensions

m10 10.00 15.73
m12 12.00 17.73
m14 14.00 20.67
m16 16.00 23.67

Are M10 and 3/8 the same?

That said, they are very close, the 3/8″ bolt is about 0.019″ smaller and the pitch’s are very close so the 3/8 -16 bolt will thread in the 10mm x 1.5 but the 10 x 1.5 bolt will not fit the 3/8 but..

What is 10 mm in fractions?

0.3937 ″ 25/64 ″

Millimeters (mm) Inches (“) (decimal) Inches (“) (fraction)
9 mm 0.3543 ″ 23/64 ″
10 mm 0.3937 ″ 25/64 ″
20 mm 0.7874 ″ 25/32 ″
30 mm 1.1811 ″ 1 3/16 ″

What size bolt is a 10 mm head?

The standard 6mm cap screw has a 10mm head.

How many inches is M10?

1.25 3/8″

Metric Coarse Metric Fine BSF/BSW
M10 x 1.5 M10 x 1.25 3/8″
M12 x 1.75 M12 x 1.25 1/2″
M14 x 2 M14 x 1.5 9/16″
M16 x 2 M16 x 1.5 5/8″

What size is M10 in Imperial?

What size is M10 in Imperial?

Body Size Metric Nearest Imperial Equivalent Size
M5 10-32
M6 1/4-28
M8 5/16-18
M10 3/8-16

What size is an M4 nut?

M4 nuts have a diameter of 4 mm and should be used in conjunction with the relevant sized bolt, for a snug fit.

What size is M7 screw?

What size is M7 screw?

Common Metric Sizes
Coarse Thread Fine Thread
M8-1.25 M8-1.0
M10-1.5 M10-1.25 M10-1.0

How do I know what size nut and bolt to get?

A typical rule of thumb . . . Use a bolt diameter that is 1.5 – 2.5 times (up to three times) the thickness of the thinner material you are bolting together. So, for 1/8″ material, a 1/4″ diameter is often a good bolt choice. For 1/4″ thick material, perhaps a 3/8″ or 1/2″ bolt.

How big is a M6 nut?

Standard Metric Hex Nuts, Types Styles 1 and 2 per.

Nominal Nut Dia. x Thread Pitch Width Across Flats, S Width Across Corners, E
Max Min
M4 × 0.7 7.00 7.66
M5 × 0.8 8.00 8.79
M6 × 1 10.00 11.05

What size is M14 nut?

M14 (14mm) Thread Size.

What is M6 nut?

M6 threads are 6mm metric screws. The standard metric rack screw is called M6 x 1. The ‘M’ means it’s metric. The ‘6’ is the outside diameter measured in millimeters, and the ‘1’ is the distance between adjacent threads, also in millimeters.