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Quick Answer: What vehicle has a 115-inch wheelbase?

At General Motors Corp., Buick Special, Oldsmobile F-85 and Pontiac Tempest are all on a 115-inch wheelbase, compared with 112-inches a year ago, and are nearly a foot longer.

What Chevy trucks have a 115 wheelbase?

The C10 featured a 115-inch wheelbase for the pickup equipped with the 6.5-foot bed and a 127-inch wheelbase for models with the 8-foot bed. Chevy sold pickups as a chassis and cab that required buyers to custom-fit their choice of beds.

What has a 110 inch wheelbase?

Back when it was first introduced, the original Land Rover Defender was designated the Defender 110 because it boasted a 110-inch wheelbase. The new version, which is due to arrive at Land Rover Glen Cove in early 2020, features a longer wheelbase that measures out at 119 inches.

What is the wheelbase on a 1986 Ford Ranger?

Chassis specification

Rear-wheel drive was standard, with part-time four-wheel drive as an option (never offered in the Courier). Dependent on configuration, the Ranger was produced in three wheelbases: 107.9 inches (6-foot bed), 113.9 inches (7-foot bed), and 125 inches (SuperCab, introduced in 1986).

How do I find out the wheelbase of my truck?

You can find your Ford vehicle’s wheelbase (WB) on the door jamb label located on the driver’s side front or rear door panel. The wheelbase will also be listed on your window sticker under Vehicle Description.

What’s the wheelbase of my truck?

Place 1 end of your tape measure on the mark by the steering axle and extend the tape down to the mark by the rear axle. This length is the wheelbase of your vehicle.

What is the wheelbase of a 1972 C10?


Length : 200.5 in | 5093 mm.
Height : 47.5 in | 1207 mm.
Wheelbase : 115.0 in | 2921 mm.

What does C10 stand for for Chevy?

The C10 model was used by Chevrolet in the years 1960-1987 to define the 2WD drivetrain and ½ ton chassis of every truck they produced. The “C” marking the truck as 2-wheel drive, and the “10” marking it as a half-ton. Chevy C10, or Chevrolet 2wd, ½ ton pickup.

What does S10 stand for?

S10 (Nissan Silvia), second generation of the car. Stemme S10, a self-launching sailplane. Rans S-10 Sakota, aerobatic aircraft. although, How long does a Chevy S10 last?

What vehicle has a 90 inch wheelbase?

One of the things that makes our beloved, high-powered Cobras so exciting — and so potentially dangerous — to drive is its incredibly short wheelbase of only 90 inches.

What is wheelbase on a car?

The wheelbase of any vehicle is the distance between the centre of the front wheels and the centre of the rear wheels. Long wheelbase and short wheelbase are the two main options for you to consider but what are the differences?

How wide is a 2008 Ford Ranger bed?

69.4 “

Length 188.5 “
Body width 69.4 “
Body height 66.2 “
Wheelbase 111.6 “

How wide is a 2006 Ford Ranger bed?

Ford Ranger (06-11) capacity &amp

The load box has a maximum width of 1456mm and length varies between 2280mm for the Regular Cab and 1530mm for the Double Cab.

What is long wheelbase?

The term ‘wheelbase’ refers to the distance between the centre point of the front and rear wheels (or axles). A long-wheelbase van is one that has a longer distance between these two points than the ordinary – or short-wheelbase – version.

What is the advantage of a longer wheelbase?

Cars with long wheelbases tend to have better ride quality than those with short wheelbases. This is simply because there’s more time between the front and rear wheels hitting any bumps, so the car is less likely to become unsettled.

How does wheelbase affect towing?


Critical to the maneuverability and stability of a vehicle, the wheelbase is the distance from the front axle to the rear axle of the tow vehicle. “Simply put, the longer the wheelbase, the safer the tow vehicle,” says Scheve.

What is track width of a truck?

A vehicle’s track, or track width, is the distance between the center line of each of the two wheels on the same axle on any given vehicle. On most vehicles, the track width will differ between the front and rear axles since they perform different functions.

How long is a 1972 C10 short bed?

The half-ton 1967-to-1972 Chevrolet trucks had a 115-inch wheelbase with a 6.5-foot cargo box. The three-quarter ton models sat on a 133-inch wheelbase with an eight-foot cargo box. A nine-foot bed was also available on the 133-inch wheelbase versions.

How long is a 1972 C10 Long Bed?

Chevrolet C/K (second generation)

Second generation (Action Line)
Wheelbase 115 in (2,921 mm) (short box) 127 in (3,226 mm) (long box) 133 in (3,378 mm) (Longhorn)
Length 188.5 in (4,788 mm) (short box) 207.75 in (5,277 mm) (long box) 213.75 in (5,429 mm) (Longhorn Fleetside) 217.75 in (5,531 mm) (Longhorn Stepside)

How wide is a 1967 C10?

How wide is a 67 C10?

First generation
Wheelbase 115 in (2,921 mm) (short box: ½-ton models) 127 in (3,226 mm) (long box: ½-ton & ¾-ton models) 133 in (3,378 mm) (1-ton models)
Length 186.875 in (4,747 mm) SWB 206 in (5,232 mm) Standard 216.25 in (5,493 mm) LWB
Width 78.75 in (2,000 mm)

How much horsepower does a 1972 Chevy 350 have?

However, Chevrolet was forced to steadily reduce the power output and torque of the LT-1 to meet new emissions standards. In 1972, the power was reduced to 255 HP. The 1975 version of the LT-1 ultimately succumbed to new emissions standards that brought its horsepower all the way down to 145 HP.

How long will a 5.3 Chevy engine last?

A Chevrolet 5.3L engine should be able to last 200,000 to 300,000 miles depending on how you care for the engine. These engines were first introduced in 1999 and they were used through the 2009 model year. They have been referred to as the Vortec 5300 when they were used in trucks.

Are all c10s 2WD?

All trucks whether be Cheyenne or custom or bare bones were either classified as C= 2WD or K=4WD. So it could be a c10 or c20 an it will be 2wd.

Is Chevy bringing back the S10?

The Chevy S10 is back, but not for us. The nameplate is returning to Chevy Mexico as a low-priced midsized pickup truck in Latin markets. This is not related to the Brazilian S10, which is rebadged here as the Chevy Colorado, but was born in a partnership with China’s SAIC Motors, which is partners with GM.

Why was the Chevy S10 discontinued?

Chevrolet’s S10 was a versatile, reliable, and popular compact truck. It lived a long life in the U.S. market before it was discontinued in 2004 because of its replacement, the larger Chevy Colorado.

Is the Chevy S10 rare?

Among all the Chevy trucks produced so far, the S10 EV is the rarest of all. The electric S10 was powered by the EV1’s detuned drivetrains which churned 114 horsepower. It is believed that when the EV1 was launched, Chevy engineers got inspired by its modular powertrain.