How To Remove Sticker From Car Window Without Damage
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How To Remove Sticker From Car Window Without Damage

People usually put stickers in their cars’ windows to protect it from the sun or to make it look cooler or maybe funnier for their kids. However, these stickers can get outdated or you might just not like them anymore.

Getting rid of the paper of the sticker is rather easy as it can even be washed out, however, the adhesive or basically the material that glue the sticker to the window can be very difficult to get rid of. It is hard not to scratch or damage the window but not impossible to remove the sticker fully and have a clean window.

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This article will introduce you to different ways on how to remove sticker from car window without damage, in steps.

1. Peel the Sticker Off

Firstly, you will need to try and peel the sticker off the window of your car. Do this by hand and not by using other material as it can scratch the glass of the window. Try to peel the sticker off as much as it is possible. If you find it very difficult to do this my hand you can use an object to help you but make sure it is not a sharp one because this way you will damage the window. Try to soften the sticker with water to peel it off easier.

2. Use Water and Soap

This leads us to the second step. Water and soap soften the sticker and makes it easier to peel off and clean it. The easiest way is to take a bucket and fill it with water as hot as your hand can bear and add some soap. You can use the soap that you use to wash the dishes. Mix it together and apply it to the window where the sticker you want to remove is.

3. Wash the Window

Take a soft sponge and by wetting it with the water and soap mixture try to wash the rest of the sticker of the window. Do these similarly to the way you wash your dishes or as you would normally wash your car. So basically rub the sponge up and down the sticky parts of the sticker that you have not been able to remove just by hand. Apply plain water to wash the soap off and use your normal car window rag to dry it.

4. Hot Water + Liquid Fabric Softener

It might happen that the adhesive part of the sticker is still not fully removed. In this case you can use another mixture to soften and then remove the sticker. Take a bucket and fill it half with hot water and half with liquid fabric softener and mix them. Take the sponge you were using, or the rag, and use it to wipe the sticker off the window by applying the mixture to it.

5. Razor Blade

You could use a razor blade to scratch the sticker if it still is not off. However, this needs to be done very carefully because it can scratch the glass of the car window. I would not recommend this method that much.

6. Alcohol

Another method you could use, especially if that sticker is still on your window, is to use alcohol, but a denatured one. Take denatured alcohol and wet a towel with it, you can use hygienic paper too. Rub the window with it then wash it out with water and dry it with a rag. If the other steps have not done the trick this one will definitely take the sticker off your car window. However, if you do not have denatured alcohol you do not have to worry because you can use one of the rests of these methods:

7. Normal Window Cleaner

You can use your car window cleaner to clean the sticker off. Take the window cleaner and spray plenty of it on the car window. Use a sponge or a not so sharp razor blade and rub the window. Use your hand to pull the sticker off. Keep applying window cleaner and rubbing the window until there is not more adhesive of the sticker left on it.

8. Sticker Remover- Goo gone

You can use elements that are made to remove stickers such as goo gone. This is created for this purpose. You only need to spray it all over the sticker and leave it like that for a few minutes. Afterwards pull the sticker off. Use a normal car window cleaner to clean the window even further.

9. WD-40

Another way of peeling the sticker off without causing damage on the car window is by using WD-40. You firstly need to peel the sticker off by hand, or any other object you think could help you. After you have taken as much of the sticker off the car window take the WD-40 and spray at the parts where you see the adhesive. Leave it that way for some minutes so that the adhesive can absorb the WD-40 and soften. Use a rag or a sponge or a cloth that you use to clean your car windows to wash it and get the rest of the sticker that is left off the window.

10. Ice

If you do not have that much time to shop of you does not want to spend money then you can just go to your fridge and get some ice pack. Put the ice pack at the car window on the sticker. The adhesive will cool off this way and it will be much easier to peel the sticker off the window without leaving any stains. You can peel it off using your hands or something similar to a razor blade. Some would use a razor blade but I would not suggest it as you need to be highly careful not to damage the window.

Having a sticker that you no longer like or that is damaged and only the adhesive is left in your car window might make you feel uncomfortable and your car look old and not sustained. This article provided you with ten methods you could use to remove sticker from car window without damage. You could try and see which one would work on your case.