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The Best rated come along winch for vehicle recovery – Cable puller Reviews

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We can all agree that come along winch is essential for specific industries. It doesn’t matter if you want to finish some construction work or open the agency that tows vehicles because you have to find the appropriate cable puller for those reasons.

Cable pullers are great because they contain durable rope that will help you increase the capacity. There are light and commercial duty pullers for all types of work and more significant towing capacity. That is the main reason why we decided to present you best rated come along winch for vehicle recovery review and buying guide 2018:

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Reviews on the Best vehicle recovery – cable puller

1. TEKTON 5547 4-Ton Dual Gear Power Puller

The first thing that we have to mention when it comes to TEKTON 5547 4-Ton Dual Gear Power Puller is that you will get the maximum rated capacity of 8,000 lbs, and workload up to 4,000 pounds. It is a great system that will allow you to pull heavy loads by using only one hand.

It is perfect for landscaping, construction and farming projects. The safety hatch hook has 5/16-inches while two safety latch hooks will help you use one or double line. It comes with a self-closing feature for more safety and secure connection. At the same time, braided steel cable has pull length of 12-feet and 7-inches.

Key Features:

  • It contains 1/4-inches braided steel cable
  • Everything comes with steel construction and corrosion resistance
  • Locking pawls and dual gears will distribute force equally
  • It includes ratcheting gear pulley system
  • 5/16-inches of safety hatch
  • Maximum rated capacity is 8,000 pounds


  • Great and durable steel cable
  • Steel construction for additional durability
  • Simple to use with only one hand


  • It may be difficult to use if you are a first timer

2. Maasdam Pow’R Pull 144S-6 1 Ton Capacity Pow’R Pull USA Made

With one ton of capacity, you will be able to get heavy-duty and commercial power pull that can reach the maximum lift up to 12 feet. It also contains 2 to 1 safety factor with aluminum alloy ratchet wheel. You will even get 3/16 inch aircraft, galvanized quality cable.

It also contains interlocking precision feet and steel pawls so that you can get additional safety spacer. Everything is perfect and durable. It is simple to use and perfect for pulling, stretching, lifting and tightening jobs.

You will also get OSHA safety latches where you can place hooks connected inside for additional safety. The non-slip plastic grip is excellent because it will reduce hand fatigue.

Key Features:

  • It contains steel alloy palls
  • Precision fit for additional safety
  • Aluminium alloy ratchet wheel
  • Positive control with trouble-free features
  • OSHA safety latches
  • Nonplastic grip for comfortable use


  • Ergonomic design
  • Simple to use
  • Durable
  • Made from sturdy material


  • Bulkier than other come along winches

3. Maasdam A-20 3/4 Ton Rope Puller with 20 Feet 0.5-Inch Diameter Rope

This is another excellent come along winch for vehicle recovery that will provide you outstanding features and capabilities. It comes with 20-feet of 1/2-inches rope made from latest standards. Everything is highway approved.

You will get resistant dacron polyester rope, and you can choose whether you want braided or twisted. Of course, in case of heavy-duty work, you don’t have to worry because it can comfortably accommodate the unlimited length of rope.

Perfect for vehicle recovery, handling logs, securing materials to the truck, transporting furniture and many more. It is one of the most popular winches on the market.

Key Features:

  • It comes with more extended and more flexible reach that will protect your load
  • You can place unlimited length of rope
  • OSHA recommended safety latches
  • Non-slip plastic grip
  • Highway approved
  • Wear-resistant polyester rope


  • Simple to use
  • 3/4 tons of capacity
  • Made in the USA


  • You have to maintain it frequently

4. Maasdam Pow’R Pull 144SB-6 2 Ton Capacity Pow’R Pull USA Made

If you want to purchase professional and heavy-duty power pull that can reach maximum lift up to 6-feet, you should choose Maasdam Pow’R Pull 144SB to come along winch for vehicle recovery. The best thing about it is that you will get aluminum alloy ratchet wheel with a high-quality cable that will stand the test of time.

It contains precision fit with safety spacer sleeve so that you can ensure consistent and accurate alignment between ratchet and pawl wheel. At the same time, the plastic grip is comfortable and permanent, and it will reduce any hand fatigue. The rope is wear resistant and robust than other types on the market. You can quickly finish heavy-duty work with ease.

Key Features:

  • Pre-installed kit
  • It contains 2-ton capacity
  • OSHA Recommended Safety Latches
  • Precision fit for additional dependability
  • Notch-At-A time is an excellent feature for trouble-free letdown


  • Great weight capacity
  • Simple to use
  • Already pre-installed
  • Comfortable grip


  • Expensive

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Rated Come Along Winch for Vehicle Recovery

  • Alternator and Battery – Of course, everything depends whether you want to purchase electric system or not. But if you choose the electronic type, you should check the kind of battery. Therefore, we recommend you to upgrade battery such as marine battery or deep-cycle. They come with more significant capacity, and that will not cause too many harmful effects on your vehicle powering.
  • Capacity – This particular specification is relevant because it will provide you enough power to finish all your work. You should calculate size by adding 1.5 times more than gross weight of your vehicle. That way if you are driving 5,000 pounds truck, you will need a winch with at least 7,500 pounds capacity.
  • Rope – The standard type of cable is steel cable, but recently synthetic materials became more popular because they are lightweight and with the same power and capacity as steel ones. Of course, artificial materials are more expensive, so you should determine which one you should use based on the work you want to with it.

Final Thought

We have presented you thorough buying guide, and review on best rated come along winch for vehicle recovery. There are numerous types and features, as you could see from above, so you should determine the reasons for buying before you choose it.

We recommend you to reread this particular guide so that you can remember all essential features and information before you purchase your favorite come along winch for vehicle recovery.