11 Tips for Long Drives Strategies for Beginners

11 Tips for Long Drives Strategies for Beginners

When you are planning a long day or night of driving ahead of you, you need more than just gas. You need to be safe and in perfect focus for the entire time. One mistake is all it takes to put your life in danger. So, for the sake of your safety and the safety of the other passengers, is important to prepare accordingly. Don’t simply count on the fact that you are a good and experienced driver.

Here are some tips for long drives that will help you stay safe and secure during your road trip.

Crucial Tips for Long Drives

1. Make sure to check your car before the drive

Make sure to check your car before the drive

Make sure to check your car before the drive

The technical part of your car needs to be checked periodically to avoid more severe issues. However, when you prepare for a long drive, this is mandatory! Make sure to check your car’s oil, gas, breaks and other essential function. It is essential when it comes to best tips for long drives!

It will keep you safe during the drive, and you will be able to rely on your car. Also, cleaning your car is very important. Especially for your windows, mirrors, and windshield, you will have as much visibility as possible. Not to mention that a clean car will make a big difference for how pleasant the driving experience will be for you.

A safe care is a safe drive! Don’t neglect your car before driving because doing so can put your life in danger!

2. Make sure you have enough fuel

Make sure you have enough fuel

Make sure you have enough fuel

This is almost implied but even so, is important to keep in your mind to have enough fuel for the road. You might not find a gas station as you probably planned. Or you might have made your calculations wrong and remain without fuel in the middle of the drive.

Having fuel in the back of your car is essential if you want to manage a long drive. You never know when you need to reload your car, and it is best to be prepared for it. Often, drivers neglect the distance and remain without fuel in the middle of the desert or field. But this is one of the most important tips for long drives that you need to think about beforehand.

Transport your fuel safely and cover the containers securely. Don’t let it get in contact with air or heat. Make sure you fill your tank as well before you go for a long drive!

Having extra fuel is important as well as transporting it safely is mandatory!

3. Have a first aid kit

Have a first aid kit

Have a first aid kit

First aid kits can save your life and other people’s lives as well. In case of an accident, this could be the most precious thing you have in your car.

You never know if another driver will collapse into you. Besides, if the road gets tricky, you lose control over the car. These situations are independent to how good you can drive. Even experienced drivers are surprised by unfortunate situations like accidents.

And if there are victims, it is important to be able to help them. Don’t rely on the ambulance of authorities because first aid is sometimes the most important! Having a first aid kit is one of the most important tips for long drives!

First aid kits are easy to carry and shouldn’t miss from your car at any time, especially during a long drive.

4. Rest beforehand

Rest beforehand

Rest beforehand

Getting a good sleep before a long drive is one of the best things you can do. It will not only keep you rested for the long drive but also help you to stay focused on the road.

The worst thing that can happen to you is to fall asleep while driving! Your brain needs to be alert at all time and in constant attention while driving. And a good sleep is very important for that. Studies have shown that driving should be avoided between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. The human body is supposed to be more tired in this time interval.

However, if you can’t have a full eight-hour sleep before the long drive, make sure to have coffee with you. Coffee or sugar will keep your brain alert during driving and trick the tiredness that you might be facing. Staying awake and focused is one of the most important tips for long drives!

A good sleep before a long drive will help you keep focused and stay safe while you are on the road.

5. Have water and food in the car

Have water and food in the car

Have water and food in the car

Water and food are supplies that can’t miss from a long drive trip. Don’t rely on the fact that you can stop along the road. Just like your car needs fuel, you need energy as well while driving!

Unexpected situations can happen when you take a long drive. You might have a technical problem with your car. You might not be able to find a place to buy food. Or, you might not have the time to do so. If such a situation happens, your supplies can save you from discomfort and thirst.

Staying hydrated while driving for several hours is important for your health. Don’t replace the water with juices or soda because they don’t have the same effect! Also, consider that while you need to drink water constantly, you will also need to take bathroom breaks. And establish your driving schedule accordingly. Also, make sure to get enough supplies for everyone in the car.

Staying hydrated while driving is good for your health and helps you stay concentrated.

6. Charge your phone before the drive

Charge your phone before the drive

Charge your phone before the drive

Never leave with an empty battery phone. You need to be able to stay in contact with people just in case something happens.

But also in case of emergency, a phone can save you from a rough situation. You can use it to call help if you need it. Or you can use it to ask for directions if you get lost. Either way, having a functional phone is not only important but mandatory when you take a long drive.

Nowadays, if you have a Smartphone, you will have more applications that can help you. Some of them even come with a GPS system that you can use and make your long drive easier.

Your phone is your contact with the world, and you should have access to it while you are on the road for emergency situations.

7. Keep a straight position

Keep a straight position

Keep a straight position

Your body’s position during driving can increase your comfort significantly. You will sit down on your driver’s chair for several hours. The chances are that your members could get numb if you don’t sit correctly. Your attention will be on the road for a long period.

So, make sure you sit in a comfortable position and keep your spine straight. Set your chair to be as close to the wheel as you need so you can reach it easily. Also keep it close to the pedals and other functions of the car that you need to control.

It is important for your body’s health but also for the performance of your driving! Ignoring this aspect can give you severe spine problems in the future.

Keeping your body straight will avoid further pain caused by driving for a long time.

8. Plan your stops

Plan your stops

Plan your stops

Having a plan is highly important when you are taking a long drive. If you are gone for hours, you will probably need to stop along the way. And if you plan these stops accordingly, you will not be taken by surprise.

Check the road before you start driving by using a map or internet sites. See what are the main attractions and stopping points along the way and circle them. It will make it easier for you to identify them while driving.

Even if you will not be able to stop to all the places that you decided to, at least you have a plan just in case you need to take breaks. And knowing the road that you are taking can make a big difference for your long drive.

Have a driving plan to make sure that you will take the breaks you need for a safe drive.

9. Have a map or GPS system with you

Have a map or GPS system with you

Have a map or GPS system with you

Having a map or a GPS system with you will make it easier to follow the road but also avoid unexpected problems. A map requires you to look at it, and if you drive alone, this can be dangerous. So, make sure to pull over when you need to consult your map if that is the case. Your eyes need to be on the road while driving and you shouldn’t take any risks.

However, if you have a GPS system, it will be much easier. Set it up to your destination and follow the directions it gives you. It will leave your mind free to concentrate on the driving process and not on which way to turn. And it will also be more relaxing to reach your destination.

Being able to rely on a map or GPS is one of the tips for long drives that can save you from unnecessary stress.

A map or a GPS system will save you from getting lost along the way and reach your destination faster.

10. Make yourself comfortable

Make yourself comfortable

Make yourself comfortable

Comfort during a long drive is very important! You need to be not only physically comfortable but mentally comfortable as well. It is often treated superficially by drivers. But it is one of the mandatory tips for long drives that you should consider.

Make sure the air in your car is one that you enjoy by using nice scents. Also, establish the temperature beforehand to make sure it will not be too cold or too warm. Stay in a comfortable position while driving and keep a relaxed mind.

You can have a playlist set up to make it even more relaxing. Your favorite music will make a big difference when you are alone in your car for several hours! If you are traveling with other passengers, make sure you all stay entertained. That way the energy will be a positive one, and you will all have a good time!

Being comfortable will help you enjoy your drive and pass the time faster in a more pleasant way.

11. Enjoy the drive and keep a positive attitude

Enjoy the drive and keep a positive attitude

Enjoy the drive and keep a positive attitude

Don’t look at your long drive as a problem or something that you don’t want to do. It is important not to have a negative attitude toward your trip and try to stay optimist. Long drives can also be fun, not only exhausting.

Try to keep a high moral and a positive attitude before and during the road trip. It will not only make you feel better and enjoy the experience, but it will also keep you safer. If you are not alone in the car, look up some entertaining games to play with your friends. You can find some road trips songs that you can sing along as well.

Having a positive attitude will help you have a great time and enjoy the road trip with your friends and loved ones

Final Thought

Taking a long drive can be tiring and soliciting even for the most experienced drivers who might be used for such trips. But if you make sure to have all you need in your car, you will most likely enjoy it. Don’t forget that safety should come first, before anything else.

These tips for long drives can save your life but also make your driving more pleasant. Stretch your legs along the way as often as you can by taking breaks for this only purpose. And if you have your friends and family with you, nothing can be more pleasant than to enjoy each other’s company during a road trip! 

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