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You Asked How do you change the rear main seal on a Cummins?

Cummins 5.9 24v Rear Main Seal Leak Replacement

How much should it cost to replace a rear main seal?

Even though the parts won’t cost more than $100, the cost of labor is what makes the rear main seal repair very expensive. Mechanics will charge between $500 and $1800 for the labor alone, with the average total cost of repair being $1100.

Can you replace a rear main seal without removing the motor?

It is certainly possible to replace your rear main seal yourself, without removing the transmission, if you have some knowledge of cars, understand your engine, and have the tools. It is usually professional to perform this type of procedure.

Should I fix rear main seal leak?

A rear main seal leak can cause some big problems in your vehicle. To make things worse, replacing a rear main seal can be one of the most expensive jobs you can do on your car next to replacing the head gaskets or rebuilding your transmission.

How do you know if your rear main seal is leaking?

The main symptom of a rear seal leak is when your car starts leaking engine oil at a faster rate. If your vehicle has started leaving black puddles on your driveway or parking lot, something is definitely wrong with the situation underneath the vehicle.

How do you change the rear main seal in a 6.7 Cummins?

Rear main seal on a 6.7 Cummins and saying goodbye to the old clutch….

How many hours does it take to replace a rear main seal?

Replacing a Rear Main Seal

However, the process to get to the rear main seal to replace it often requires removal of the entire engine and transmission from the vehicle, a job that can only be done by very skilled mechanics and even then can take 6-10 hours!

Does Rear Main Seal Repair work?

Yes. Even though it is specially designed to seal rear main leaks, it also works better than a conventional stop leak on all other engine oil leaks. This includes the timing cover seal, cam seals, O-rings and other seals and gaskets.

What causes a rear main seal to fail?

Excessive heat, old age, high mileage, infrequent use, and worn bearings can also be factors contributing to rear main seal failure.

Does Blue Devil work rear main seal?

Description. BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer permanently stops rear main seal leaks. Just add to the engine oil to restore and seal gaskets. BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer is a great repair for timing cover leaks.

How do I stop my rear main seal from leaking?

It’s important to seal the rear main seal leak in your vehicle as soon as possible if it has been discovered. BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer can be found at your local auto parts store. BlueDevil Rear Main Sealer will stop the leak of your rear main seal as you drive your vehicle by adding it to your engine oil.

How do you change a rear main seal without removing the transmission?

But you can do this rear main seal replace without removing the transmission….How to Replace a Rear Main Seal without Removing The Transmission

  1. Step 1: Detach the Battery.
  2. Step 2: Remove Driveshaft And Flexplate.
  3. Step 3: Remove the Rear Main Seal Hood.
  4. Step 4: Remove The Crankshaft Seal.

How long does it take for Blue Devil rear main seal to work?

How Long Does It Take For Bluedevil Rear Main Sealer Work? You should expect it to work within 30-45 days.

Will a leaking rear main seal cause low oil pressure?

What Causes Oil Pressure To Drop In An Engine? Low oil pressure can be caused by a drop in oil level below the minimum dipstick line. The oil in engines burns more quickly as they age. Piston rings are worn, seals leak, etc., which causes this problem.

How long does Blue Devil oil Stop leak take to work?

Pour 1 bottle (8 oz.) into leaking component’s oil sump, or crank case. Treats 4 to 6 quarts of motor oil. Start engine or equipment and operate for 1 to 2 hours or until leak has stopped (for extreme leaks up to 2 days drive time may be required).

Can you drive with a rear main seal leak?

Can You Drive With A Rear Main Seal Leak? Those who drive their vehicles with a rear main seal leak should take precautions due to its possibility that something very fast could happen. You can damage your engine permanently if your oil level becomes extremely low quickly when it is leaked.

Can you use BlueDevil twice?

Yes. You can use the blue devil head gasket sealer more than once. This product does not contain petroleum distillates, so you might use it more than once if a leak occurs after the last time you used it. You only need to follow the directions to the letter when applying it.

What is the difference between Blue Devil Oil Stop Leak and rear main sealer?

Answer: According to a Blue Devil representative, the Oil Stop Leak is simply more concentrated than their Rear Main Seal product and will stop all types of leaks including rear main seals. They added, that it is not necessary nor necessarily beneficial to add Rear Main Seal in conjunction with the Oil Stop Leak.

Does Engine Oil Stop Leak work?

Does Engine Stop Leak Really Work? In order to minimize leaks, oil stop leaks are designed to revitalize gasket and seal properties. Oil stop leaks, however, will not fix the problem if you have a large hole or damage to your engine.

Does a rear main seal leak oil or transmission fluid?

The rear main seal prevents oil from leaking past the spinning crankshaft flange. This leak is a common problem as an engine wears. If either of these seals is leaking, the engine and the transmission must be separated, and a new seal installed to repair this leak.